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Ezra Lbs is a band me (Daniel Craig) and Daniel Olah formed as a recording project in late november of 2009 during a trip to my family farm to record in a cabin out in scott arkansas. we spent 4 days at the cabin feverishly recording on my old tascam 424 taking breaks only to play video games or eat. i initially formed Ezra Lbs out of a need to play really loudly, and i think we have accomplished that. we enlisted lucas badlanes murray to play lead guitar for us and nathan houser to play bass. Lucas left the band in 2011 to pursue his own projects trimming us down to a three peice. The dynamic of the group changed drastically with Nathan Houser contributing songs and switching off with me on guitar. trying to describe our sound and style is always tough for me because we're so all over the place so just listen to our recordings on soundcloud and make up your own mind. [+]
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