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A Review by Cayley Harrell
Storied is composed of wonderfully intimate songs that express Ezekiel Morphis’ true soul. Each one of his songs is written with an honest hand and has melodies that are just as beautiful as the words they carry. As a whole, Storied is a combination of songs that tell a story- his story. You can see a taste of what Ezekiel has been through and who he is as a person.
When listening to this album, the lyrics really caught my attention. I found myself taken back with Ezekiel’s use of language. Every song is filled with poetry that is so incredible to me. He connects words and images in a way that I could only hope to one day achieve.
This album would definitely be best enjoyed while sitting on a beach at night, contemplating life’s curiosities. You can get a feel for Ezekiel Morphis’ complete adoration for nature in this album. With each metaphor and simile connecting the purity of nature to the purity of his emotions.
The song “I Am Home” literally hit home for me. Ezekiel and I both live in the jewel of California- La Jolla. Its beautiful beaches and wildlife call to me, as they do to him. In this song, he makes references to the sea caves and cliffs of La Jolla. He personifies nature in a manner that should not be overlooked.
Each song has a unique sound to it. “Your Ghost” stood out to me the most. There is a subtle echo behind Ezekiel’s voice that embodies the lyrics of the song well. Linnea Erickson helped to add a soft touch to “Little Beauty” with the violin. The violin is such a delicate instrument; it adds an almost nurturing sound to the song that compliments Ezekiel’s voice perfectly.
Thanks to the help of producer Steve Shirk of Shirk Studios, Ezekiel was able to put his story out there. Trust me, you will not regret listening to this album. Not only is it enjoyable to listen to, but it is also filled with some very powerful lyrics.

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