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​This is the main FAQ page for Everipedia​.


(Feel free to ask a question that hasn't been answered yet in the Article Discussion section. You can find it at the bottom of this page.)


Getting started testing the new blockchain

How can I buy IQ tokens and use the new blockchain version?

At the moment, it is recommended to get an invite for an account on everipedia.org, which you can use without any knowledge of cryptocurrency​. Joining Everipedia's telegram channel is also recommended by using a messaging application​ called Telegram. In the telegram channgel, invites for accounts can also be requested by private messaging​ (PMing) Mahbod Moghadam or an administrator. When applying, please state the title, topic or name that your first article will be about. You are also welcome to discuss any issues and article ideas. You can edit everipedia.org for free but you won't earn IQ tokens.

IQ tokens​ are needed to log in to test Everipedia's new blockchain​ version on iqnetwork.io. Please note that this site is in an Alpha version​ stage of development. Creating pages is possible but editing existing ones is currently disabled. A small investment of as little as $20 should be adequate to get started testing. To buy  IQ, a cryptocurrency called EOS is required in an EOS wallet (such as Greymass wallet​). Buyingeos.com has a guide to buying EOS using a cryptocurrency exchange​ such as Coinbase​ and a digital wallet​ such as MyEtherWallet​ (MEW) (note that EOS is not compatible with MEW).[7]​ Please note that you will require a mobile phone​ with a camera​ and the  Google Authenticator​ application for registration on exchanges.


After you have purchased some EOS, IQ can be purchased using an EOS/IQ (or IQX on Bitfinex​) trading pair from an IQ exchange such as Chaince​ or BigONE​. IQ purchased will then be visible in Scatter​ (which allows transfer of IQ using a tool at iqnetwork.io/transfer-iq/). Staking the IQ into Brain Power is then possible​ (you only need 10 i.e. enough for one edit) to test creating new pages. Rewards are due to be implemented by late Q3 or early Q4 2018, after which it will be possible to earn money from good editing and designing of Everipedia articles!

What is a keypair?

Scatter asks for a "keypair" which are your EOS account public and private keys.

How do I change my EOS account name?

Your first EOS account will be assigned a 12 character randomly assigned username. For that reason, it is suggested to transfer a tiny amount to your first account. If you want a personalized username then a new sub-account will need to be set up with seperate funds.

Don't worry if you mess up, there is more support on hand in the telegram channel to help if you need it. The water is warm and the atmosphere is pleasant!

General information about Everipedia

What is Everipedia?

Everipedia is a knowledge aggregator and knowledge base. Contrary to other wiki sites, Everipedia allows anyone to create a page about any person, place, organization, or thing and populate it with interesting, relevant reference links/sources.


(Check out the actual entry for Everipedia... on Everipedia.)

Why should I sign up?

Because it’s fun and easy!

Youtube Video
Everipedia Tutorial: How To Write Your First Article

The 'Fun' Part

Imagine a place where you can consume knowledge, but also create it and build upon it. Now imagine that the place recognizes and rewards you for sharing that knowledge with the rest of the community!


On Everipedia, editors gain more privileges as they accumulate IQ and rise through the ranks. Top site-wide editors are displayed on the activity feed. In addition, the Top Editors are presented based on how much IQ they accumulate on that page.


(We encourage you to create an Everipedia page about yourself so our community can learn more about you and your interests.)

The 'Easy' Part

Being part of an information hub should be fun and interactive, but that also means the platform has to be practical and easy to use. Knowledge projects of this size should not require high barriers of entry and pages should be easy to create, edit, and navigate.


More inclusion = Less confusion 

How can I get an invite to join Everipedia?

Ask for one on contact form​. Be prepared to say what your first article will be about. It could be about yourself, if you like. Another idea is to write an article about a local landmark that isn’t “notable” enough to be on Wikipedia. There is an Everipedia: The 10,000 Challenge​ where you can find ideas for articles and see some of the recent additions.

When will Everipedia relaunch self-registration?

Right now you need to have an invitation to join Everipedia. As of July, 2018, we still can’t say when registration will go live. It will be possible in the near future.


Technical Everipedia blockchain network registration is coming: When the EOS minimum viable network (MVN) is launched on the mainnet, anyone with an EOS account and IQ + EOS balance can make edits and vote on edit proposals. This means that when the MVN is launched, people will be able to use everipedia.org as an interface. You can use everipedia.org or other supported projects, like Scatter, to create an EOS account/ID/keypair.

How is Everipedia different from Wikipedia and similar sites?

  • Everipedia is a fork​ of Wikipedia.
  • Anyone can make encyclopedia articles about anything (as long as they are properly cited).
  • Editing on Everipedia is modern and visually appealing. For example, we embrace memes (in a scholarly way, of course), incorporate GIFs within the copy, and display images and videos in a way to make them stand out.
  • Talk pages are designed as discussion threads. This allows our editors to continuously discuss news-related items about their favorite topics.
  • Celebrities can have verified accounts. Not only does this allow them to have conversations with their fans on their own page, but they can also contribute information to their own pages... without having to rely on secondary sources!
  • Every page from Wikipedia is already here on Everipedia to build on top of and improve.

All these reasons make Everipedia the greatest knowledge project ever!

Is Everipedia kept up-to-date with Wikipedia?

No, but in the near future, it will be. If you wish to be involved in these efforts, please let us know! The feature we will develop will compare the latest Wikipedia version of an article and incorporate changes, so long as the paragraph (or perhaps section) of the article on Everipedia has not been changed. We will always preserve changes made on Everipedia as well as their nearby context.

Is Everipedia free?

Yes, all information found on Everipedia is freely available for anyone to use and access. All we ask is a link back to the source Everipedia page for attribution purposes.


The information on this encyclopedia is meant to be free to all. We will never charge for or withhold any of the information on this website. We just ask that you do not throttle the site and programmatically harvest information that would dramatically affect our servers.


Content found on Everipedia is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. As a user you may modify, copy, frame, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works from content found on Everipedia.com.


For more information on the terms of reuse of content found on Everipedia please reference the Creative Commons documentation: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

Are Everipedia and the Everipedia Network the same?

No. There are several things to distinguish. There's Everipedia, Inc., the company; Everipedia, the encyclopedia; and Everipedia.org, the website. And then there's the Everipedia Network (EPN), which is independent of the company, but which the company got started. EPN, which is under development now, is the network of contributors to the Everipedia blockchain--beginning with Everipedia.org. EPN launched in July 2018. It will eventually consist of existing encyclopedias that contribute content to the blockchain as well as new web apps and mobile apps that publish and format that content, and accept new content from their contributors. Essentially, in the future, any organization that has permission to post directly to the EPN blockchain will be part of EPN.

Is Everipedia multi-lingual?

Not yet. We have plans. There are already some articles written in languages other than English, and that’s OK.

Do you have basic information about Everipedia in other languages?

Yes. We have started pages in almost 20 languages so far. These can be built on to create multi-lingual Everipedias with original articles not already covered in these different languages :



Contributing to Everipedia

What are the guidelines on Everipedia?

There are 2 main rules of Everipedia:

  1. Information on the page must always be cited, and
  2. The article must be in a neutral point of view.

That's it!

How do I get started?

It’s very easy:

  1. Get an account.
  2. If you want to edit an existing article, go to the article page and click the pencil icon just below the title.
  3. If you want to start a new article, click the plus sign in the upper right part of every page (the page header). Fill out the title and add at least one link and some text.
  4. Save. You’re on your way!

Can I make another page for something that already has an Everipedia page?

The 'Merge' button can be found on the right side of the screen, under the infobox section.

No. Anything can have a page on Everipedia, but each item must have only one article. For example, there is already a page for Barack Obama, so there is no need to create a page called Barack Hussein Obama that has similar information.


If you see a duplicate page of the exact same topic, use the merge page feature to combine pages of the same thing or message a Master Editor to merge them.[1]

What should I title my page? 

The binomial name for Lima Beans (Phaseolus lunatus) can be found in the first paragraph of the Lima Beans Everipedia page; it's also an infobox item.

The title of a page should be the most common name of the person, place, or thing the page is about. For example, the page for the American Rapper Tyga is titled Tyga and not Michael Ray Stevenson (his birth name) because more people know him by the name Tyga. His legal name is only of secondary importance. The page for Lima Beans is titled Lima Beans and not Phaseolus lunatus because more people know the subject by the former and not the latter. 


Lesser known names and/or nicknames can be added to the body of the page and/or as an infobox item.

What if 2 different things have the same name?

In other words, what if you want to create a page with a title that already exists?


An example of a disambiguation page on Everipedia; there are at least 6 different Paul Grahams who have wikis.

Simply place a descriptor or alternate name after the main title in parentheses to better identify. Ex: Paul Graham (computer programmer) or Paul Graham (bodybuilder)


Make sure you create a disambiguation page, as well. (In the world of wikis, disambiguation pages help editors identify the page someone is looking for... by providing the right context.)

What should I caption my pictures, videos, sources, and media? 

When you upload an image, video, GIF, audio, linked source, or any other document to an Everipedia page, make sure to add brief historical, contextual, and follow-up information about the addition. Avoid redundant, short, or uninformative captions.


The Everipedia Network (Blockchain)

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a data ledger (like, but not quite, a database), comprised of “blocks” of data, each of which has a cryptographically hashed header that points to the previous block (which is why it’s a chain of blocks, and why it can’t be edited; so it’s called immutable). The blockchain is copied in toto on different nodes located in many different places, and owned by many different entities (so it’s decentralized, a little like peer-to-peer file sharing). The different blockchain nodes agree to implement the same rules for determining whether a block should be added. See our blockchain article​.

Why did Everipedia start a blockchain?

We have several reasons:

  1. We want to motivate contributors not just to put in time on the encyclopedia but also to take ownership.
  2. We want a business model that doesn’t rely on ads.
  3. We want to lay the foundation for a system in which people can rate articles and compete to write the very best, all within a system controlled by contributors, not any one entity.

How does the Everipedia blockchain work?

This is a huge question and there is no simple answer. The architecture is laid out in our white paper. In broad generalities, the blockchain has three modules. The token module makes changes to token balances of addresses by transferring tokens, etc., in accordance with smart contracts (e.g., code that supplies a certain quantity of IQ tokens once a user’s new article has been approved is one such smart contract). The article module is used to propose edits to be included in the database of encyclopedia articles (and any associated data). The governance module can, after processing a vote of token holders, update the smart contracts that run the blockchain.

What prevents someone from simply flooding the network with garbage?

All new edits to the database must be accompanied by a small quantity of tokens that are staked. If an edit is ultimately approved, the staked tokens are returned; if rejected, the staked tokens are not returned.

What is the relationship between Everipedia.org and the Everipedia Network’s blockchain?

Everipedia.org will be the first “front end,” or host for the content that is published on the blockchain. In addition to hosting content, Everipedia.org will itself post new content to the blockchain. Because we are quite serious about making the Everipedia Network decentralized, we will encourage other such front ends.

Where is Everipedia staff in the development of the blockchain? What are the next steps?

As of early July, 2018, we have just launched the Everipedia Network and the IQ token, and we have just performed the IQ token airdrop to EOS holders. The next phase is to deploy the Everipedia article contract, i.e., to implement the code that will put tokens in user accounts when they make network-approved edits. After that (this fall) we plan to test governance using IQ token holder voting. Our Network Software Roadmap has some details.

Is the Everipedia Network software open source? What about the Everipedia.org wiki software?

Everipedia Network software is open source and available at from the EveripediaNetwork Github account. The wiki software that runs the Everipedia.org website is not yet open source, but we plan to open it up after we have made some significant changes.

Is Everipedia.org the only front end for the Everipedia Network?

At present, yes, but support for other front ends will come online soon.

When do you anticipate other front ends to be supported?

Our goal is to provide work on providing software for front end creation, along with other ecosystem-related projects, by the end of 2018/beginning of 2019. Refer to our Network Software Roadmap for more information on this.

How does the blockchain make it harder to censor the Everipedia Network?

The network itself is decentralized, existing in full copies in many locations. You’d have to block every single node, which would be difficult, and would not stop access to other, newer nodes. As to censoring websites and apps that use the network, those too will be harder to squelch. As soon as multiple Everipedia Network front ends come into being, insofar as they are each as up-to-date as the others, it becomes more pressing (and more difficult) to block all of them. It's not that hard to spin up a new one at a different domain name and IP. It's more important (and more difficult) to play whack-a-mole against all of the different front ends, whereas they might think that Wikipedia is the only one that's important to block since it's the only really popular one. But even if a censoring regime gets good at whack-a-mole (and it is clear to them that, strategically, they should), in the end it'll be possible for front ends themselves to be distributed, and thus not having any neck to cut. That is a fair way in the future, but it is revolutionary technology that EOS is working on.

Who will control the blockchain? Will it have editors?

IQ holders (see below) will have authority in the system to make decisions affecting the blockchain. Exactly how this will happen is discussed in our white paper. It’s important not to think of the blockchain as a single encyclopedia that has some assigned staff or a single editorial board. Everipedia.org has editors and a staff; but the Everipedia Network does not. Think of the network as a decentralized public repository of “encyclopedia-related information.” Many important editorial decisions that affect Everipedia.org, or some other Everipedia Network front end, might not even take place at the blockchain level. What will be required at the blockchain level is that data must be in the correct format and to meet certain basic, minimal standards--e.g., just to avoid people flooding it with literal nonsense.


At some point in the future there might be an advisory board and/or a nonprofit to help coordinate work on the blockchain among different publishers. Some of that entity’s decisions might be editorial. But we have not yet initiated any such group as of July 2018.

More generally, how is the blockchain project going to change Everipedia.org?

The first big change is that, by Q3 2018, Everipedia.org contributors will be able to earn IQ tokens for working on articles. At some point after that, it will become possible for contributors to propose and vote on changes to blockchain policy. Another later, “Phase 2” change is that the blockchain will support multiple, competing articles per topic, as well as metadata about articles. Right now, we have just one article per topic. Once the EOS account system is in place, you’ll be able to uniquely identify yourself and tag yourself (and submit ratings of other contributors as well), and Everipedia will let you weight article rankings based on user data.


IQ (Token) Information

What will the Everipedia Network’s tokens be called?

IQ tokens.

What exactly is a token, anyway?

It is a kind of cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or EOS). The IQ tokens are utility tokens, which means they allow you to actually do something in our system. In particular, they will allow you to vote on articles and on new community rules.

Where is the white paper for the IQ token?

In the Everipedia Github repo. Here’s a direct link to the paper.

Many cryptocurrencies get started in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Has Everipedia done an ICO?

No. We did an airdrop to the EOS genesis snapshot list.

What is an airdrop?

Basically, it’s a token give-away, made possible by our investors. The airdrop in Everipedia’s case means that everyone who holds EOS tokens when a “snapshot” (see below) is made before the airdrop will receive a proportionate amount of IQ tokens for free.

When was the airdrop?

July 2018.

What was the snapshot, and when did it take place?

The snapshot was a list of all the EOS wallets, for purposes of determining who will receive IQ tokens in the airdrop. The snapshot was taken on June 2, 2018, when the EOS mainnet launched.

What was the proportion of EOS to IQ in the airdrop?

1 EOS = 5.1 IQ. Immediately after the airdrop, prices of these tokens vary independently.

Why did Everipedia do an airdrop?

We want the Everipedia Network to grow enormously. The airdrop allowed us to maximize our reach to relevant users who will already be on the EOS platform. It allowed us to reach over 100,000 addresses, far greater than we would be able to reach with a token sale. So an airdrop is a great way to kick-start what we want to be a truly decentralized and wildly active network.

You say you did an airdrop instead of an ICO. Why not do both?

Because Everipedia isn’t launching the network by selling the token. To get the network started, we just gave 51% of the total IQ away. It soon will be (or, depending on when you’re reading this, already is) possible to buy and sell IQ on exchanges. IQ is a tradable coin just like any other cryptocurrency.

Is Everipedia built on the EOS blockchain?

Yes, it is. Everipedia code and data will be located on the EOS blockchain and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

Can I mine IQ?

IQ is not mineable in the classical proof of work sense, although a staking mechanism is employed to earn more IQ tokens. Validators holding IQ tokens can stake them on edits and earn more tokens as those edits are approved. For more information on this mechanism, check out the white paper.

When will IQ be listed on exchanges?

It can be seen on Bitfinex​ and Chaince​.

Is it really possible to unlock/mine tokens, with real value, by working on Everipedia.org?

Not yet. See our blockchain roadmap.

How many IQ tokens will I unlock/mine by writing an article?

There’s no way of knowing that at this time. If you want to know exactly how this is calculated you can see the white paper for technical details.



See also

Everipedia whitepaper

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All information for Everipedia FAQ's wiki comes from the below links. Any source is valid, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Pictures, videos, biodata, and files relating to Everipedia FAQ are also acceptable encyclopedic sources.
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  • Comment
    burpman  •  03/19/2017 05:44:17 AM UTC
    The Help link in the profile should link to this newer/updated FAQ since the original is deprecated. As it stands, help=https://everipedia.com/faq/
  • Comment
    LaurelRusswurm  •  08/30/2017 02:09:28 AM UTC

    Okay.  I can figure out how to add links, but not link them to the text in an article.  When I highlight text and choose "cite" the citation link in square brackets appears but the text disappears.

    Nor can I figure our how to add media (including my own avatar).  The only image I've been able to add was the one I dragged and dropped to the info box of the page I was making.  Every other such attempt fails.

  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  08/30/2017 05:03:28 AM UTC
    @LaurelRusswurm, if I understand your problem correctly, you're trying to hyperlink an external source (from the list of citations in the References section) into the article with a certain anchor text within the article.

    (In other words, you want the blue text in the above line to direct someone to a place outside of Everipedia.)

    This is not available, as this is only used for internal links (links that direct you to another Everipedia page).

    To avoid confusion from our scholars, only Everipedia pages can be linked as you described; notice that 'anchor text' and 'internal links' direct you to Everipedia pages.

    (You can add an Everipedia page by adding @ and then typing in the title of the Everipedia page you want to add.)

    SOLUTION: To add your link, just click to the right of the last word and add your citation; don't highlight anything .

    As for adding media, complete the following steps:
    1) Click the 'Cite' button
    2) Click the blue bar ("Cite to add a new link or file to the list")
    3) Click the 'File' radio button
    4) Click the blue 'Close' button
    5) Place the cursor on the place you'd like to add your image/video
    6) Click 'Media' (the button to the left of 'Cite')
    7) Select the image/video you'd like to insert into the page
  • Comment
    Andrea85  •  09/14/2017 05:05:28 AM UTC
    Is there a process for removing a page about an individual who does not wish to be on this site?
  • Comment
    Sam Kazemian  •  09/14/2017 05:10:00 AM UTC
    @Andrea85, yes if the citations used to make the page are no longer accessible then there wouldn't be enough content to create a reputable article. Then editors will take it down themselves.
  • Comment
    DJYeh  •  12/08/2017 01:37:46 AM UTC
    Where do I report articles with wrong title?
  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  12/08/2017 01:47:41 AM UTC
    @DJYeh, can you give us an example?
  • Comment
    DJYeh  •  12/09/2017 04:54:05 AM UTC
    @Ezzo The page that shows "Evolution" in the title, and has "EVolution" in the url. The content is actually from Wikipedia's "Contribution of epigenetic modifications to evolution".
  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  12/09/2017 04:46:27 PM UTC
    @DJYeh, if you are talking about this URL...

    Then chances are it will probably be left as is. The reason why it's like that is probably because we imported the Wikipedia redirect before the article with the original title.

    (But I could be wrong.)

    If it's still an issue that you think needs to be taken care of, then send an email using the following link.
  • Comment
    Guido_den_Broeder  •  02/13/2018 09:59:05 PM UTC
    What if someone has added a picture that isn't free?
  • Comment
    Guido_den_Broeder  •  02/18/2018 12:28:58 AM UTC
    How can I edit the caption of the main photo of a page? If I click edit, the software asks for a new photo. Why doesn't the main photo appear among the links? Where can I find an overview of stuff I've uploaded?
  • Comment
    Guido_den_Broeder  •  02/18/2018 12:32:13 AM UTC
    Wouldn't it make sense to make directories like https://everipedia-storage.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com/ProfilePics unviewable?
  • Comment
    Guido_den_Broeder  •  02/18/2018 12:35:47 AM UTC
    Error report: The search bar shows the old main photo instead of the new one.
  • Comment
    ulisses  •  02/22/2018 09:12:25 PM UTC
    Can I write articles in languages other than English?
  • Comment
    Dr_Keyboard  •  02/23/2018 10:02:53 AM UTC
    @ulisses yes : If the article exists in English, for now make a [choose a language] version of it. If it doesn’t exists in English, maybe still write an intro sentence that warns that the article is written in [choose a language]

    ex.1 : Teka$hi69 (6IX9INE) [french version]

    ex.2 : La marque du consommateur

    Best thing to do now is to make a [choose a language] version of the FAQ to spread the love ! :)

  • Comment
    lgruez  •  03/13/2018 03:23:14 PM UTC
    Why on some page appears an eye with the number of views and not on others?
  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  03/14/2018 01:49:41 PM UTC
    @Igurez, only pages with 100+ views will appear in the page header.
  • Comment
    TheMaster  •  03/26/2018 07:26:26 PM UTC
    Is it possible to use "dead trees"-only sources (like books, magazines and stuff that aren't available online for whatever reason) as sources? Or is some sort of URL link required?
  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  03/27/2018 12:38:36 AM UTC
    @TheMaster, this a good question and one we have received before.

    The option to use a "dead trees only" source (as you put it) is not available at the moment. The reason why was because we wanted to ensure that everything could be fact checked instantly.

    The solution we have for people who want to use books, magazines, etc. for the time being is to either a) take a photo of the actual page of the book/magazine/etc., or reference a website that is selling the book (like Amazon, for example).

    If anyone is open to any suggestions, feel free to message me (or any of the staff members) OR start a thread in our subreddit:
  • Comment
    EdwardTheConfessor  •  04/08/2018 02:50:44 PM UTC
    Could someone please advise me how to remove a link from a word in an article?
  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  04/08/2018 05:19:31 PM UTC
    @EdwardTheConfessor, are you referring to removing certain words within an internal link?

    If so, here's how to do it:

    If you're looking to remove a word from a link's caption (in the References section), simply click on the pencil icon to edit the caption.

    Hope that helps!
  • Comment
    EdwardTheConfessor  •  04/13/2018 03:27:27 PM UTC
    I wrote a new short article today and thought I had posted it but I have a "no entry" sign by the text now. What should I do next?
  • Comment
    TheHonorable  •  05/12/2018 03:08:11 PM UTC
    I want to merge two pages, but I don't see the Merge button when I edit (I'm guessing I haven't made enough edits here yet). How does one contact a Master Editor?
  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  05/12/2018 05:07:47 PM UTC
    You are correct, @TheHonorable. Only Master Editors can merge pages at the moment. For now, you can use the Contact Us form so a staff member can take care of it right away.

    Side Note: This will be different when Everipedia moves to the blockchain, since there will be no Master Editors or hierarchy... just a consensus method that ANY member of the community can participate in if someone proposes that two pages should be merged.
  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  06/06/2018 09:09:39 PM UTC
    "Is it possible to directly edit in raw Wikicode, e.g., can I cut and paste functional citations as superscript in Wiki markup?"

    Unfortunately, there is no way to cut/paste citations in wiki markup, as Everipedia doesn't use that programming language; it alternatively uses HTML as the source code.
  • Comment
    Chrononaut   •  06/07/2018 08:36:53 AM UTC

    * Is there any way to rearrange the order of images in the image gallery or the position of reference links in the list below the article?

    * Is it possible to upload a custom thumbnail to a given URL, citation or reference if the automatically-generated one reflects a poor representation of its intended use?

    * Often links to other wiki articles are of different text than what's intended on the page. A popup box to format this, as with Wikipedia, rather than immediate automatic replacement of the selected text with wikilink text would make things easier, as would auto-populating the search box with the contents of the currently-highlighted text as a starter field.

    * Is there any way to upload more than one photo at a time by batch?

    * As on Wikipedia, it would be helpful to enable a search function when adding citations, as manually scrolling down the list can be unwieldy when n > 100.

  • Comment
    saphire  •  07/02/2018 07:44:32 PM UTC
    New here - So in my "newbie" first 15 edits, I made some edits to an existing page, and then started a new page. But got cut off before finishing the page because I hit my 15-edit limit (that I didn't know about) prior to being Approved.  My Editor status has now been approved but I can't seem to access that draft new page. Searching doesn't pull it up. I can see the work listed when I look at my list of edits under my profile, but they say things like "added link to ________" and it's just blank where the name of the page should be. Does that work still live somewhere or do I have to start over. Thanks!
  • Comment
    mc_analog  •  07/06/2018 07:24:39 PM UTC
    Hi, is there a preview button and/or save draft for the article?
  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  07/06/2018 10:01:45 PM UTC
    Hi mc_analog,
    Unlike Wikipedia, there is no 'Preview' or 'Save Draft' button. The interface is pretty much WYSIWYG ​.

    When we're on the blockchain, the article will be considered 'previewable' to anyone for an extended period of time before it's stored in the Everipedia Network's database, so that people can accept/reject proposed edits.
  • Comment
    Bai  •  07/21/2018 03:25:35 AM UTC
    Larry Sanger how will proposing edits and edits approval works? I guess I can find the answer in https://github.com/EveripediaNetwork/Everipedia/blob/master/TechnicalWhitepaper.md#staking-iq-tokens

    but this needs to be explained in layman terms in the FAQ
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    Chrononaut   •  07/21/2018 06:15:30 AM UTC
    From above: “How can I get an invite to join Everipedia? Ask for one on contact form”

    The current link for “register account” redirects to a page stating accounts are invite only at present, with no link to a contact form.
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    DJYeh  •  08/06/2018 11:19:11 AM UTC
    Is this article ever going to be fixed? It's the first result when I search "evolution." This obvious mistake on a very basic article was reported more than half a year ago. This is making me very suspicious about the seriousness of the project. If the admins are too busy to fix this at least give registered users the privilege to edit titles.
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    Chrononaut   •  08/06/2018 04:44:50 PM UTC
    Strange. Why would “Evolution” redirect to “EVolution” to begin with? As a test, I tried creating another page with the title “Evolution” since there wasn't one, and it was automatically redirected to evolution-1:

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    Ezzo  •  08/07/2018 04:28:58 AM UTC
    Re: Evolution page

    The issue is with our wikibot that imported the pages from Wikipedia, as it is not case sensitive. (It most likely merged with another page we had before we imported all the pages.)

    Unfortunately, we cannot fix this anytime soon, as the tech team is focused on building the blockchain platform and has set strict deadlines for it. Maybe we can create a list of pages where URLs need to be scraped differently. (We know pages like Apple and PriEsT ​ have this problem as well.)
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