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This is the main FAQ page for Everipedia​.


(Feel free to ask a question that hasn't been answered yet in the Article Discussion section. You can find it at the bottom of this page.)


What is Everipedia?

Everipedia is a knowledge aggregator and knowledge base. Contrary to other wiki sites, Everipedia allows anyone to create a page about any person, place, organization, or thing and populate it with interesting, relevant reference links/sources.


(Check out the actual entry for Everipedia... on Everipedia.)


Why should I sign up?

Because it’s fun and easy!

The 'Fun' Part

Imagine a place where you can consume knowledge, but also create it and build upon it. Now imagine that the place recognizes and rewards you for sharing that knowledge with the rest of the community!


On Everipedia, editors gain more privileges as they accumulate IQ and rise through the ranks. Top site-wide editors are displayed on the activity feed. In addition, the Top Editors are presented based on how much IQ they accumulate on that page.


(We encourage you to create an Everipedia page about yourself so our community can learn more about you and your interests.)

The 'Easy' Part

Being part of an information hub should be fun and interactive, but that also means the platform has to be practical and easy to use. Knowledge projects of this size should not require high barriers of entry and pages should be easy to create, edit, and navigate.


More inclusion = Less confusion

How is Everipedia different from Wikipedia and similar sites?

  • Anyone can make pages about anything (as long as they are properly cited).
  • Editing on Everipedia is modern and visually appealing. For example, we embrace memes (in a scholarly way, of course), incorporate GIFs within the copy, and display images and videos in a way to make them stand out.
  • Talk pages are designed as discussion threads. This allows our editors to continuously discuss news-related items about their favorite topics.
  • Celebrities have verified accounts. Not only does this allow them to have conversations with their fans on their own page, but they can also contribute information to their own pages... without having to rely on secondary sources!
  • Every page from Wikipedia is already here on Everipedia to build on top of and improve.

All these reasons make Everipedia the greatest knowledge project ever!


What are the guidelines on Everipedia?

There are 2 main rules of Everipedia:

  1. Information on the page must always be cited, and
  2. The article must be in a neutral point of view.

That's it!


Is Everipedia free?

Yes, all information found on Everipedia is freely available for anyone to use and access. All we ask is a link back to the source Everipedia page for attribution purposes.


The information on this encyclopedia is meant to be free to all. We will never charge for or withhold any of the information on this website. We just ask that you do not throttle the site and programmatically harvest information that would dramatically affect our servers.


Content found on Everipedia is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. As a user you may modify, copy, frame, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works from content found on Everipedia.com.


For more information on the terms of reuse of content found on Everipedia please reference the Creative Commons documentation: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/


Can I make another page for something that already has an Everipedia page?

The 'Merge' button can be found on the right side of the screen, under the infobox section.

No. Anything can have a page on Everipedia, but each item must have only one article. For example, there is already a page for Barack Obama, so there is no need to create a page called Barack Hussein Obama that has similar information.


If you see a duplicate page of the exact same topic, use the merge page feature to combine pages of the same thing or message a Master Editor to merge them.[1]


What should I title my page? 

The binomial name for Lima Beans (Phaseolus lunatus) can be found in the first paragraph of the Lima Beans Everipedia page; it's also an infobox item.

The title of a page should be the most common name of the person, place, or thing the page is about. For example, the page for the American Rapper Tyga is titled Tyga and not Michael Ray Stevenson (his birth name) because more people know him by the name Tyga. His legal name is only of secondary importance. The page for Lima Beans is titled Lima Beans and not Phaseolus lunatus because more people know the subject by the former and not the latter. 


Lesser known names and/or nicknames can be added to the body of the page and/or as an infobox item.

What if 2 different things have the same name?

In other words, what if you want to create a page with a title that already exists?


An example of a disambiguation page on Everipedia; there are at least 6 different Paul Grahams who have wikis.

Simply place a descriptor or alternate name after the main title in parentheses to better identify. Ex: Paul Graham (computer programmer) or Paul Graham (bodybuilder)


Make sure you create a disambiguation page, as well. (In the world of wikis, disambiguation pages help editors identify the page someone is looking for... by providing the right context.)



What should I caption my pictures, videos, sources, and media? 

When you upload an image, video, GIF, audio, linked source, or any other document to an Everipedia page, make sure to add brief historical, contextual, and follow-up information about the addition. Avoid redundant, short, or uninformative captions. 

All information for Everipedia FAQ's wiki comes from the below links. Any source is valid, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Pictures, videos, biodata, and files relating to Everipedia FAQ are also acceptable encyclopedic sources.
This is a discussion about Everipedia FAQ. Concerns about the topic, its accuracy, inclusion of information etc. should be discussed here. Off-topic discussion not pertaining to Everipedia FAQ or this wiki will be removed.
  • Comment
    burpman  •  03/19/2017 05:44:17 AM UTC
    The Help link in the profile should link to this newer/updated FAQ since the original is deprecated. As it stands, help=https://everipedia.com/faq/
  • Comment
    LaurelRusswurm  •  08/30/2017 02:09:28 AM UTC

    Okay.  I can figure out how to add links, but not link them to the text in an article.  When I highlight text and choose "cite" the citation link in square brackets appears but the text disappears.

    Nor can I figure our how to add media (including my own avatar).  The only image I've been able to add was the one I dragged and dropped to the info box of the page I was making.  Every other such attempt fails.

  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  08/30/2017 05:03:28 AM UTC
    @LaurelRusswurm, if I understand your problem correctly, you're trying to hyperlink an external source (from the list of citations in the References section) into the article with a certain anchor text within the article.

    (In other words, you want the blue text in the above line to direct someone to a place outside of Everipedia.)

    This is not available, as this is only used for internal links (links that direct you to another Everipedia page).

    To avoid confusion from our scholars, only Everipedia pages can be linked as you described; notice that 'anchor text' and 'internal links' direct you to Everipedia pages.

    (You can add an Everipedia page by adding @ and then typing in the title of the Everipedia page you want to add.)

    SOLUTION: To add your link, just click to the right of the last word and add your citation; don't highlight anything .

    As for adding media, complete the following steps:
    1) Click the 'Cite' button
    2) Click the blue bar ("Cite to add a new link or file to the list")
    3) Click the 'File' radio button
    4) Click the blue 'Close' button
    5) Place the cursor on the place you'd like to add your image/video
    6) Click 'Media' (the button to the left of 'Cite')
    7) Select the image/video you'd like to insert into the page
  • Comment
    Andrea85  •  09/14/2017 05:05:28 AM UTC
    Is there a process for removing a page about an individual who does not wish to be on this site?
  • Comment
    Sam Kazemian  •  09/14/2017 05:10:00 AM UTC
    @Andrea85, yes if the citations used to make the page are no longer accessible then there wouldn't be enough content to create a reputable article. Then editors will take it down themselves.
  • Comment
    DJYeh  •  12/08/2017 01:37:46 AM UTC
    Where do I report articles with wrong title?
  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  12/08/2017 01:47:41 AM UTC
    @DJYeh, can you give us an example?
  • Comment
    DJYeh  •  12/09/2017 04:54:05 AM UTC
    @Ezzo The page that shows "Evolution" in the title, and has "EVolution" in the url. The content is actually from Wikipedia's "Contribution of epigenetic modifications to evolution".
  • Comment
    Ezzo  •  12/09/2017 04:46:27 PM UTC
    @DJYeh, if you are talking about this URL...

    Then chances are it will probably be left as is. The reason why it's like that is probably because we imported the Wikipedia redirect before the article with the original title.

    (But I could be wrong.)

    If it's still an issue that you think needs to be taken care of, then send an email using the following link.
  • Comment
    Guido_den_Broeder  •  02/13/2018 09:59:05 PM UTC
    What if someone has added a picture that isn't free?
  • Comment
    Guido_den_Broeder  •  02/18/2018 12:28:58 AM UTC
    How can I edit the caption of the main photo of a page? If I click edit, the software asks for a new photo. Why doesn't the main photo appear among the links? Where can I find an overview of stuff I've uploaded?
  • Comment
    Guido_den_Broeder  •  02/18/2018 12:32:13 AM UTC
    Wouldn't it make sense to make directories like https://everipedia-storage.s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com/ProfilePics unviewable?
  • Comment
    Guido_den_Broeder  •  02/18/2018 12:35:47 AM UTC
    Error report: The search bar shows the old main photo instead of the new one.
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