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Everipedia Copyright Patrol is a community initiative to monitor Everipedia​'s recent activity for instances of copyright infringement​, plagiarism​ and minimum editorial quality standards for an encyclopedia article (see below). The Copyright Patrol intends to highlight instances of this for future deletion/merge and address users committing acts of copyright infringement with guidance and discussion to point them in the direction of writing original articles, with further help, if needed at Everipedia Academy​.[1]

"Only minimal editorial quality standards. There is no need for, and extremely strong reasons to want to avoid, the vetting of articles for quality. The minimum standards regard a variety of issues: privacy; that an article is in fact an encyclopedia article; that it is not an exact duplicate of another article already represented on the blockchain; that an article does not merely plagiarize its sources, without attribution; and other principles"[2] - Larry Sanger

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