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EOS BlockSmith is an EOS Block Producer​ Candidate based in Edmond, Oklahoma​​.[2]​ The organization's motto is "Forging the Future."[10]


Mission and Values

The EOS BlockSmith mission statement is built upon three pillars; Sound Infrastructure, Independence, and Public Engagement.[3]​ EOS BlockSmith pledges to be completely financially independent, and will not take outside investment nor fund projects within the EOS ecosystem.[1]


Server Information

EOS BlockSmith plans to rollout it's technological capabilities in four phases.[1]

Phase I

The first bare-metal node will be located in San Francisco​ and the datacenter provider is Hurricane Electric.[1]​ It will be their primary node for the EOS launch.[1]​ The node has the following capabilities:[4]

  • HP G8 16 cores
  • 256 GB RAM
  • 1TB solid-state storage
  • 256 Mbps dedicated

Phase II

The second bare-metal node will be located in Tulsa, Oklahoma​.[4]​ When it comes online, it will be the primary node, with the San Francisco node serving as a backup.[1]​ The datacenter provider is TierPoint Solutions. The node has the following capabilities:[1]

  • Fujitsu RX2530 M4 56-120 Cores
  • 1+ TB DDR4
  • 6+ TB solid-state storage
  • 1+ Gbps dedicated

Phase III and IV

If the EOS network continues to scale, EOS Blocksmith will run a 3rd bare-metal mode most likely in Northern Virginia​.[4]​ If EOS reaches its maximum potential and has global reaching network effects, then the organization will build their own datacenters.[4]


EOS BlockSmith is currently producing blocks on the CryptoLions testnet.[1]​ They are also building their own testnet for future use.[1]



The EOS BlockSmith team has five core members.[2]​ The three co-founders are Craig Murray, Shaheen Counts, and Verbus Counts.[1]​ Amy Asandra serves as the head of Business Development and Herry Huff is the Lead Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer.[2]


Craig is a software engineering veteran of 20 years with work stretching from embedded C++ to full stack web applications and lot of video games. In 2017 he found decentralized ledger technology and began to study. It became clear to him the potential of these new tools to change the world and improve the lives of everyone on Earth. It was only a matter of time until he stumbled into EOS, realized it was the platform he wanted to move his career to, and began to form the vision for BlockSmith’s ‘no-strings-attached’ approach.After graduating from medical school Shaheen completed a residency in Head and Neck surgery and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. It was shortly thereafter that he became enraptured by Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He joined Blockchain@Berkely as a business consultant, later leaving in 2018 to start his own blockchain education and technology consultancy. He is an avid blockchain evangelist and has a fundamental belief in the power that blockchain technology has to change the world for the better.Verbus leads the technology and infrastructure endeavors at BlockSmith. Verbus is a skilled senior software consultant and IT project manager. Having worked in the realm of programming and technology for over 50 years, he is experienced in software development management, database administration, system analysis, and systems programming. He also specializes in application programming, UNIX/Linux, performance engineering, software training and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).


Business Development
Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer
Amy is an interventional radiologist and a self professed crypto junkie. After completing her radiology residency, the allure of Silicon Valley drew Amy to Northern California where she completed her fellowship in interventional radiology at Stanford. The location presented a unique opportunity for Amy to immerse herself in the start-up scene, exploring the intersection of medicine and technology. This ground-level perspective of Silicon Valley resulted in a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the technology and cryptocurrency spaces.Jerry has his roots in hardware and systems administration, having spent 25 years as a technician before completing his degree in computer science in 1997 at California State University, Stanislaus. For the past 21 years he has been a systems administrator on various flavors of Unix and Linux, keeping over 1400 servers happy and running smoothly and securely.


Community Engagement

EOS BlockSmith is planning to host the first Block Producer Summit in August.[1]​ EOS BlockSmith does not plan to invest and distribute their block reward to other businesses within the EOS ecosystem, seeing it to be a conflict of interest.[1]​ Instead, if block rewards become too excessive, then EOS BlockSmith will burn tokens in order to create deflation.[1]



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