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Dyles Mavis uniquely blends remnants of both old and new, creating a sound that is as timeless as it is pure. Ranging from elements of R&B, jazz, alternative, and hip-hop to “Hip-Pop”, the group boasts in their ability to unite and fuse various musical textures to create their own distinct genre.

Biography: In 2004, as freshmen at the University of California, Riverside, Sean (Smoov) McBride of Los Angeles, Eric (Smokey) Tucker of Riverside, and Jared (JayB) Baisley of San Francisco, began to write songs amongst themselves. Soon their music caught the ear of a local producer who felt that the young men had something more to offer. It was not long before this group of college buddies began to call themselves “Jus-tus’”. After a number of studio sessions and the recruitment of an up and coming management team, Jus-tus’ released their first self-titled album in the Fall of 2005. In the years that followed, the three slowly matured and shied away from the conventional sounds of the day and began to focus on a melodic and orchestral feel. This experimentation led the trio to work with Warner Brothers Entertainment in the scoring and production of the feature film “Traces of Tragedy” in 2007. Upon graduation from college and after a brief hiatus, the group felt led to once again explore a new direction. This time, the trio would extend their arms to the musical stylings of a full band; embracing the control and wonder of live musicianship. During the latter part of 2009, Jus-tus’ signed their first production deal in collaboration with Interscope Records.

2012 is destined to be the breakout year. The band, under new management, changed their name to “Dyles Mavis”. All three members are not only extremely talented songwriters and singers/rappers, they are all musicians, too. That is a rarity in this musical age!

Now, with more enthusiasm than ever, and with the contributions of an awesome creative team that consist of producers Laythan Armour of Leigharm Productions (Grammy Nominee), Haskel Jackson of Genesoul Productions (4 time Grammy Nominee), Evan Palmer and musicians Myron McKinley (Music Director of Earth, Wind & Fire), Alan Blake (Music Director of the Brooklyn Nets) and Greg Poree (guitarist of “Dancing with the Stars), Jarell Gaines and Doug Smith, Dyles Mavis is ready to take on the world, one ear at a time. [+]
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