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Deforeyea Walker born February 26 1997 a young rapper out of Charlotte N.C born and raised in the North side of charlotte growing up for him was a struggle age 13 caught his first Breaking and Entering felony charge was sent to gaston county detention he ran the streets of charlotte along side with his crew Trust None Entertainment TRIO group the following member are Jaiquez Edwards,and last for not least Cory Cauthen.These young fellows paired up and is now flooding the streets with what there asking for.Deforeyea Walker then gets into more trouble accumulating another breeaking and entering and caught with a deadly weapon.Due to him having such a great lawyer richard thompson he saves Deforeyea Walker with the following sentence of 2 weeks at gaston county and when Deforeyea touchdown from there he will be on level 2 probation. Trust None Entertainment continues to flood the streets with phenomenal mixtapes leaked songs until Deforeyea Walker gets into more trouble instead this time he's charged with breaking and entering and possession of stolen goods up to $2000 dollars. Richard Thompson again goes back to back for Deforeyea and he spemspend another week in the county and 6 months of house arrest.Deforeyea Walker turnt 15 and he says "Trust None Entertainment" Fuck a record deal he just want fans to hear him out and listen to his story along side with his home boys cory, and jaiquez.Deforeyea Walker receives a record deal claim but except he turn down's tony chinard he quotes " I work alone".The fellow rapper Dussay A.k.A Deforeyea Walker catches another charge except this time he violates his house arrest due to his bad habits of weed lean and alcohol. He then attended drug classes and have to pay a $200 dollar restitution. Deforeyea Walker is kicked out of his home and doesnt has no where to go until his old friend jordan Mitchell came along.He took Deforeyea in and they called each others brothers until he crosses Deforeyea by sleeping with his ex girlfriend.Deforeyea continues his journey alone until his Trust None member cory takes him in.Dussay is now 17 and they are heating up the streets.Dussay touches 26,000 fans and views on reverbnation.He couldnt go on the radio due to his lyrics "and i got that pump please dont run up on me" "rolling up this dope man this shit so potent" and his Trust None member Reese lyrics "chino got that lean" and then Dussay replies Fuck yall then ion need the radio shid either way my fans gone love me.Dussay says" he is the C.E.O of T.N.E but neither of them are overweight ed we are all the same" he also says "them are my niggas i make it they make it".Trust None Entertainment is a good dominant TRIO hottest TRIO i know if you ask me. [+]
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