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I am the founder of Fairfax Records, and our new band is Dragons Head. All tracks were recorded at our studio, Cafe Fairfax. Our CD will be mastered at Cue Recording in Falls Church, VA.

Dragons Head ~ The Music

Dragons Head writes and performs songs that have been called Rowdy Celtic Fusion. Their music is always heavy, melodic, and inspiring. Even when they get quiet there remains a roar at their core, a resolve to share even their sweetest melodies with intensity. Taking their cues from alternative, progressive rock, punk, jazz and Celtic balladry, Dragons Head can shape their sound to any venue or occasion – whether it is a stadium, a festival, a nightclub or a church. Their versatility in arrangement and presentation allows them to adapt to any worthy request. Though you will hear the muses of the ages represented in their songs, Dragons Head brings a sound unique and memorable. Their signature sound will ring in your ears until the coming of Ragnoarok.

Dragons Head – Songs of the New Old Ways

Dragons Head’s first release is Songs of the New Old Ways. Songs of the New Old Ways tells the tale of our ancestors being threatened with death unless we abandoned our culture and our religion. Harking back to 9th Century Northern Europe, the coming of Charlemagne and the attempt to subjugate our forebears, Songs of the New Old Ways tells a tale of fighting for one’s homeland and ancient ways, shares tales of exodus and conquest, and sings in our the current age the endeavor to reclaim what was taken from us. Songs of the New Old Ways recalls a neo-Norse/pagan approach to life, music and the divine; honoring and embodying the dreams of our ancestors. “We never submitted our consciences, and we never will!”

Dragons Head ~ The Story

Every now and then a crew sails out of the dark winter of the frozen north that both shocks and amuses. This winter, that crew is Dragons Head. Searching for spoils in every fjord and harbor, Dragons Head longs to find glory and plunder, to enter Valhalla with honor and be invited to feast at Odin’s table. The music that embodies their quest will move you to stand up for what you deserve, sing along and dance a victory dance fit for a king. Seeking rings of gold and other treasure, Dragons Head blows into town unexpected, taking the townspeople by storm, all while telling their stories of how their homeland was ruined by invading infidels, forcing them to take to the waves. The “sea” is now their home, but Dragons Head remains devoted to making New again the Old Ways of the homeland everywhere they land. Come, be a part of the celebration – feast with Dragons Head, raise your cup, and sing the old songs anew. Worthy Warriors, Shield Maidens, Jesters, Healers and Shipwrights are welcomed to accompany Dragons Head ~ they welcome all who love listening to good tales well-told. [+]
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