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Sheila Margolis helps leaders define organizational culture, manage organizational change, and increase employee engagement. She holds a doctoral degree in Human Resource Development, teaches part-time in the Professional MBA Program at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University, and is President of the Workplace Culture Institute. She specializes in workplace culture, organizational change, employee engagement, and the strategic use of human resources. As an organizational development expert, Sheila is quoted in newspapers and magazines including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Dr. Margolis is the author of the culture and change management workbook for leaders--Building a Culture of Distinction: Facilitator Guide for Defining Organizational Culture and Managing Change (2010)--and the companion workbook for employees--Building a Culture of Distinction: Participant Workbook for Defining Organizational Culture and Managing Change (2010). She is also co-author of There Is No Place Like Work: Seven Leadership Insights for Creating a Workplace to Call Home (2006). The principles in these books were derived from Margolis’ groundbreaking research that earned the Award for Distinguished Contribution to Human Resource Development Research. She has also written a workbook for job seekersto help people find a meaningful and fulfilling workplace by screening for culture fit. Dr. Margolis conducts culture initiatives with a variety of organizations such as Philips, UPS, Shaw Industries, Acuity Brands, Lotus Cars USA, Decision Sciences Institute, and Cherokee Town and Country Club. She has designed and delivered employee training programs to build high performance work teams for companies such as General Mills, Allied Signal, Tenneco and Reliance Electric. Dr. Margolis is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and speaks regularly at corporate and professional meetings and conferences. She informs audiences on topics such as workplace culture, employee engagement, recruitment and retention, managing change and the human side of mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, she teaches business writing and presentation skills on the MBA level and works with companies in strategic business communications. Dr. Margolis has been published in the Human Resource Development Review, Performance Improvement Quarterly, Training Today magazine, Association Management magazine, AmericanVenture Magazine, Latitude Magazine, and Connections magazine. She also wrote a chapter for the text The Cultural Context of Human Resource Development (2009). [+]
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