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Blending air-tight vocal harmonies, sharp songwriting, and a genuine assault of sonic textures, Dolls on Fire is a buzz saw of energetic synth rock music.

Dual lead vocalists Zach Hodson and Rachel Jaggard breathe fire above the swirling synthesizer work of Ben Byard and solid grooves laid down by bassist Michelle Bacon and drummer Mark Johnson.

Packed with beguiling hooks, animation and zeal, Dolls on Fire will get your smile wide and body moving.

Press Snippets

“The common theme among all these tracks? Dolls On Fire rock the fuck out … Fun and rowdy with a shimmering “crunch” on the record, Dolls on Fire knock the piss out of winter with their brand of rock and roll.”
-I Heart Local Music, Nathan Cardiff, February 2015-

“… an energy in their songs that makes even the most apathetic of us want to pump their fists to the beat.”
“… staggering vocal performances with distorted rock riffs .. some of the best straight-up rock music in Kansas City today.”
-MillsRecordCompany.com, Brian Clifton, February 2015-

"... the sheen of Neon Trees, the synthy sweetness and ripe harmonies of Mates of State and the capital-F fun of early Rentals."
-Vents Magazine, February 2015-

"Kansas City based band Dolls on Fire have taken high energy synth-rock to the next level."
-Groundsounds.com, February 2015-

"If ever there was a band whose sound belongs on a publication called Infectious, it is Dolls on Fire with their equally booming and catchy brand of pop/rock ..."
-Infectious Magazine, January 2015-

"... boomy, distorted, overflowing guitar & synth-based pop-rock ... an overloaded extra-sensory blast"
- Music News Miami, January 2015 -

“... characteristic pop genius with deconstructive melodic sensibilities.”
“… deliciously catchy pop songs that are just off-kilter enough to make you uncomfortable, but with big enough hooks to drag you along for the ride.”
-Wildy’s World, December 2012-

“… few have put the ongoing battle of the sexes into a musical format as interestingly as this harmony-laden debut EP.”
-Music News Los Angeles, December 2012-

"Precision playing and slick vocals combine with an aggressive sonic mix into a timeless kind of sound, neither up-to-the-minute nor retro ... This is clearly a band with the courage of its convictions."
-Seattle Post, November 2012-

"There are swirling synths. There are crunchy guitars. There are layers upon layers of pop harmonies and new wave influences all around, as well as a heavy dose of intelligent nerd punk, ‘90s nostalgia, and lounge music theatricality."
-The Deli Magazine Kansas City, November 2012-

"... catchy tunes that could generate some radio buzz. I think big things are in store for this outfit."
-The Daily News, November 2012-

"... a melodic yet unique sound that will have you singing along one minute, dancing the next."
-TheTrades.com, November 2012-

"Driven by a mix of guitars, buzzing keyboards and harmonized vocals, Dolls on Fire’s debut LP, Ladies and Gentlemen…, carves out a unique sound, one that owes as much to the dance floor as the rock club."
-Music News Nashville, October 2012-

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