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Dimitrios Pagourtzis is an American​ former high school student​ in the city of Santa Fe known for his academic accomplishments and athletic achievements. [1][2][3][4]​ On May 18th, 2018, he perpetrated a school shooting which left at least 10 people dead and others injured. He wore a Nazi​ uniform and other regalia when he committed the terrorist act of shooting up Santa Fe High School​. [5][6][7]


Photos of Dimitrios Pagourtzis that have been shared by the press.


Pagourtzis is a native of Galveston County​. [8][9]​ He was born and raised in the state of Texas​. [10]​ He has lived in the city of Santa Fe for most of his early life. [11]​ Since he was a young child he excelled in sports. [12]​ He played Pop Warner football​ for a few years before playing for his high school. [13]


Dimitrios Pagourtzis played games like Silent Scope.

Santa Fe High School

Pagourtzis was a junior at Santa Fe High School where he was an honor roll student and played in both the Junior and Varsity Football​ team. [14]​ According to several students who have been interviewed by the press concerning the identity of Dimitri and his character at the school, it appears that he was bullied by several people including his own coaches. He was also perceived not to have a lot of friends. [15]


In The Media 

School Shooting

On May 18th, 2018, Dimitri entered the school premises of Santa Fe High School​ - his former school, with the intention to murder his fellow students. [16][17][18]​ Heavily armed with what several witnesses claim to be an AR-15​ looking rifle, and several other firearms, he entered a classroom saying 'Surprise!' and opened fire. He killed at least 10 people inside. He wounded dozens of other students. [19][20]

Youtube Video
Dimitrios Pagourtzis is the alleged suspect. Santafe school shooting.

Students reported seeing the suspect wearing a trench coat, a t-shirt with 'Born to Kill' written on it and army boots. [21]


The school was evacuated and the alleged shooter was taken into custody around 9 a.m. local time. A second person of interest, also believed to be a student at the school, was detained and questioned by the police. [22]


Police found explosives on the campus that were not detonated. [23]​ 


The shotgun and 38. handgun he used belonged to his father. [25]


His journal was found at the time of Pagourtzis' arrest - police learned that he wanted to commit suicide. [26]



For hours, several law enforcement agents including the FBI, investigated the home of Pagourtzis and its vicinity for explosives. [24]


Personal Life

Members of his neighborhood have said that Pagourtzis is a quiet teen who did not seemed to present any problems. Neighbors reported that he lived in a property with an adult and several other teens considered to be his siblings. [27]


His teammates in the Football team have said that he mostly kept to himself and was not very social. [28]


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