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D.GNAK, created by Kang Dong Jun, is inspired by the loose silhouette of traditional Korean menswear and the heritage of craftsmanship in Western tailoring. The backdrop to D.GNAK is the accelerated, interconnected globalized world—a world in which information transcends all borders, and where social media revolutions are possible. D.GNAK is a product of the megacity; the urban zones where distinctions of taste, custom, language, music, and food all blur together to create new forms of dress, identity, and aesthetics. D.GNAK is situated at the intersection of the underground and the mainstream. It is this innate connection with urban creativity that gives the D.GNAK brand its unique hybrid style defined by Kang as popular avant-garde. D.GNAK is inspired by new innovations in design and digital art, and by the everyday beauty of the city and minimalist geometric forms in design. The brand's defining characteristic is tailored clothing with twisted details; clothing that is achromatic in color and innovative in silhouette. The name D.GNAK is formed from the mirrored reflection of Kang's name. It expresses his fascination with disruption, eclecticism, and experimentation.

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