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Ladro (n.) [là-dro]: Thief, brigand, embezzler, plunderer, highwayman Descendant of Thieves is designed by the pseudonymous artist Dres Ladro. Ladro translated from Italian means "thief"—as the root of this nom de plume implies, he is a Descendant of Thieves. As a young man, Dres Ladro would sneak into his father’s closet and steal his traditional shirts in order to de-seam and re-engineer the entire garment. Dres designs from the inside out, paying relentless attention to intricacies of the interior first. He distorts aesthetics by cutting the silhouette slim and integrating his distinct detailing, including hidden messages and signature yellow taping in the finished interiors. Once he joined the art world, his unique attire continued to set him apart. Dres designed, constructed, and wore only his own clothing, so as to never be seen wearing the same thing as anyone else. Despite the attention his singular button-ups and jackets received, he had no interest in starting a brand or selling his designs: he planned to design these limited edition clothes for himself and himself alone. Over time, Dres was convinced to develop a line of clothing including shirts, pants, and outerwear based on the blueprints of his uniquely engineered designs. Descendant of Thieves is manufactured in a small-scaled sample room rather than conventional high output production lines. His philosophy translates to no more than 400 units per style being cut and each care label including that unique garment’s number in the limited production run. From laid-back reversible shorts to tailored jackets, Descendant of Thieves is designed for men who are effortlessly stylish rather those who seek attention. (traditional clothes - Dad) x eccentric artist = Descendant of Thieves [+]
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