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DeathSpitter Q

Born In Brooklyn New York, I found my creative abilities at a very young age. AT the age of 6 I moved to Atlanta and 8 was when I began to write poetry; I found Hip Hop when driving to Florida with my Grand Pa. "Boogie Nights" by Heat Wave, was the first time I actually felt music in me and recognized it as a force as oppose to just sounds. At the age of 13 I began to write my poems to beat which lead to me becoming a Lyricist. As my writing increased and my skills began to take shape, they need to be heard continued to grow till I finally was able to record at the age of 17. With my partner Jeremy aka J.A.Y.B.O. we made the Group R.A.A.W. (Real Artist At Work) made two strong hits then I moved. In Stockton I was trying to climbs the ranks of this rap game which is not a pretty Journey but with the help of all my supporters Im sure this road traveled will not be as hard as it seems thanks you to those who have,are, and will support me!! I now reside in LA where I hope to make a wave. [+]
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