Deadbeat might refer to:

  • Deadbeat, the stage name of Canadian electronica musician Scott Montieth
  • The Deadbeats, an art punk band formed in 1977 in Los Angeles, California
  • Deadbeats, a 1977 film, starring Chris Mulkey
  • Dead Beat, a 1994 film based on the life of real-life serial killer Charles Schmid
  • Deadbeat (TV series), a 2014 Hulu original TV series
  • Dead Beat (The Dresden Files), a 2005 book of the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher
  • Dead-beat control, a problem in discrete control theory of finding an optimal input sequence that will bring the system output to a given setpoint in a finite number of time steps
  • Deadbeat parent, a parent that has freely chosen not to financially support their children
  • Anchor escapement, a type of escapement in clocks, a variation of which is called "deadbeat escapement"