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Dave Raoul Ntamak known as Dave Sutter, is born February 21, 1992 in Douala​.

He is a professional Swiss​-CameroonianIce hockey​ player.

Currently playing with Zürich Lions​.[7]


Born on February 21st, 1992 in Douala under the name of Dave Raoul Ntamak, Dave Sutter lives his first four years in his hometown, before moving to Switzerland​, in Monthey​, with his mother, who gets married there.

He later adopted Sutter's name for ice hockey only, to thank his Father-in-law​ who introduced him to ice hockey at the age of nine.

Player presentation

A steady defensive-Defenseman, Dave Sutter has an imposing frame, is a decent skater, moves very well for his size and is an underrated puck-mover. He is a player who does the little things right and will not risk anything if not necessary. Despite his size, he lacks upper body strength, as he still has a lot of room to bulk up. He also needs to learn how to use his towering body to his advantage in front of the net or along the boards. Dave Sutter is a reliable penalty-killer(Penalty (hockey)​), who uses his long reach to keep opponents to his distance and also is not afraid to block shots. 


After a beautiful 2017/2018 seasons. He was summoned for the 2018 World Hockey Championships​ in Dänemark​.[6]​ 

He saw the opportunity to finally take part in a major tournament with the Swiss national ice hockey team[5]​. Finally he was sent home following the arrival in the team of several international players. Including Roman Josi[4]​who joined the team after the elimination of Nashville Predators[3]​​ in NHLPlayoff​.


Video presentation



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Player statistics

2006-07 HC MontheySwissDiv130000 |Relegation20000 
2007-08 Genève-Servette U17Elite Novizen3249134 |Relegation60002 
  Genève-Servette II U17Top Novizen10000 |       
  Genève-Servette II U20Top Junioren81562 |       
  Switzerland U16 (all)International-Jr102022 |       
2008-09 Genève-Servette U17Elite Novizen364121632 |Relegation61126 
  Genève-Servette U20Elite Jr. A50110 |       
  Switzerland U17 (all)International-Jr140226 |       
2009-10 Genève-Servette U20Elite Jr. A376142026 |Playoffs30000 
  Switzerland U18WJC-1860222-4|       
  Switzerland U18 (all)International-Jr211348 |       
2010-11 Seattle ThunderbirdsWHL711101165-17|       
  Switzerland U20 (all)International-Jr20000 |       
2011-12 Seattle ThunderbirdsWHL665141940-36|       
  Switzerland U20WJC-2060004-3|       
  Switzerland U20 (all)International-Jr130118 |       
2012-13 Genève-Servette HCNLA300020|       
  Red Ice HC NLB43391239 |Playoffs60226 
2013-14 Red Ice HCNLB453111443 |Playoffs40002 
2014-15 HC La Chaux-de-FondsNLB4457126 |Playoffs73142 
  HC Fribourg-Gottéron NLA20000-1|       
2015-16 EHC Biel-BienneNLA5048128-20|Relegation1213401
2016-17 EHC Biel-BienneNLA5021517121|Playoffs502227-2
  Switzerland (all)International1121301|       
2017-18 ZSC LionsNLA43013138-1|Playoffs1815643
  Switzerland (all)International200003|       
2018-19 ZSC LionsNLA----- |      


Tournament statistics

2008-09 Switzerland U17EYOF40000 |       
2014-15 HC La Chaux-de-FondsSwiss Cup10000 |       
2015-16 EHC Biel-BienneSwiss Cup30110 |       
2016-17 EHC Biel-BienneSwiss Cup21120 |       
2017-18 ZSC LionsChampions HL802207|       
  ZSC LionsSwiss Cup20000 |       
  Team SwitzerlandSpengler Cup200003| 

Career Total

 Champions HL80220.2507|       
 Elite Jr. A42615210.50260|30000.0000
 Elite Novizen68821290.43360|121120.1780
 Spengler Cup20000.0003|       
 Swiss Cup81230.3800|       
 Top Junioren81560.752 |       
 Top Novizen10000.000 |       


Drafted 2010, 1 # 34 overall by Seattle Thunderbirds[1]​ in the CHL Import Draft[2]


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