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[2][2]Darius Saint Nicholas Burke (born December 9,1994) is an American Film Director , Screenwriter, Entrepreneur, Cinematographer and Actor [2]​ [21]​ [71]​ He is also the founder of Grandad Productions​ , an independent film movie productions studio that he created on December 31,2015. [43]​ [71]


Burke began his professional career as a filmmaker on December 31,2015. At an early age, he developed a curiosity for creativity. As a teenager,

he learned the basics of cinematography by teaching himself to use a video camera. Burke has been an autodidact​ for his

entire life. [2]


At the age of 23, Burke is currently the youngest filmmaker in Connecticut [2]

, and Newton,New Jersey , the town where he was born. [2]

Early Life and Education


Darius Saint Nicholas Burke was born on December 9,1994 in Newton,New Jersey at Newton Memorial Hospital.

As a small child, he grew up with creativity and his family encouraged it all the time.

Around the age of 8, he became interested in cinematography. He made his first short film that year, called

"snow deck" which is about Darius Snowboarding in his backyard. the title of the film is named after his snowboard

which the word "snow deck" was printed on the front of the snowboard. [2]


as he grew older, Burke experimented more with cinematography. From the year 2008 until 2015, Burke has made

approximately 300 - 500 home movies. [2]


Darius Burke attended Keeney Elementary School in Manchester,Connecticut from September 2000 - June 2005.

He then switched around from school to school during the years 2006 -2010. [2]


Burke attended High Road Academy Upper School in Wallingford,Connecticut for high school beginning in September 2010.

He graduated on June 19,2013 earning a High School Diploma from Manchester High School. [2]


Burke briefly attended Manchester Community College in Manchester,Connecticut during the years 2013 - 2015,

He tried completing college a total of three times. Burke eventually dropped out in December 2015.

He then began pursuing a filmmaking career instead starting that same month on December 31,2015. [2]


Beginning of Career (2015 - 2016)

On December 31,2015, Burke announced in a video uploaded to his Facebook profile that

he was taking his love of making movies to a professional level. [5]


His independent production company Grandad Productions , formerly known as 

"Darius and Ben Productions" was created on December 31,2015.  [43]


in January 2016, Burke filmed his first short film called "The City of Village Charm" [6]


On March 10,2017 , "The City of Village Charm" was released onto YouTube. [6]


On April 2,2016 , Burke filmed his second short film titled "Adam & Juliet" [8]

It was released onto YouTube on November 1,2016. [7]


On September 10,2016, Burke filmed his third short film titled "Words Can Hurt" [9]​                                                                                    

The film is about bullying. [9]


Burke was a victim of bullying in high school and this short film is based on it. [9]​                                                                         

Burke in April 2014 - (Age 19)


On July 12,2017, the film was finally released onto YouTube. [10] 


from October 22,2016 until November 13,2016,

Burke filmed his first feature film titled "Best Party Ever!" , [12]

it is a parody film that satirizes "Project X" [11]


The film was released onto YouTube on December 5,2016. [13]


The screenplay for a feature length Biographical film about internet activist, Aaron Swartz 

titled "Patriot of the Web" was completed on January 20,2017, the same day as the Inauguration 

of President Donald Trump. [14]


"Patriot of the Web" was filmed from March 12,2017 until June 7,2017. [14]​ and is scheduled to be released

onto Amazon Prime in September 2018. 


Feature films, short films, Future projects



On February 19,2017 ,  Burke directed his fourth short film titled "The Girl in the Woods" [15]


The theme of the film is mental health awareness and challenging stigma. [15]


the film is inspired by true events that Burke dealt with during the year of 2016, which is                                                           

Burke (left) with actor Anthony Carignan (right) on the set of "Best Party Ever!" - October 2016

depression mainly. [15]


"Patriot of the Web" , a biopic film about Aaron Swartz

  was filmed from March 12,2017 until June 7,2017. [14]


The film will make it's official release at a film festival in the near future  [16]


"Patriot of the Web" was released on Reelhouse on December 12,2017 [29]​                                                                                        

 "Patriot of the Web" was released on Pivotshare on January 30,2018. [34]​ 


In November 2017, Burke directed his sixth short film titled 

"Love In The Future" which is a sci-fi / romance short film. [18]


In January 2018, Burke began filming "Revolt" which is a movie about a

second american revolution. Production is expected to conclude by April 2020. [36]

it is set to be released in the summer of 2020. 


In late-April 2018, Burke began filming a short film titled "Skylar & Ashley" ,

Production concluded in early-May 2018. It is set for a 2019 release. [35]​                                              

Burke(left) working with actor Shawn Mcclintock(right) on the set of "Patriot of the Web" - April 2017




Filmography [2]

# means the title is a short film , {   means the title is a feature film

 [ means the title is a documentary

 Director,Writer, Producer: [27]​                   Release Date(s):


 # The City of Village Charm (2016)     March 10,2017 (YouTube) [40]

 # Adam & Juliet (2016) [7]​                           November 1,2016 (YouTube) [42]

 { Best Party Ever! (2016) [13]​                         December 5,2016 (YouTube) [41]

 # Words Can Hurt (2016) [10]​                       July 12,2017 (YouTube) [39]

 # The Girl in the Woods (2018) 

 { Patriot of the Web (2018)  [29]​ [16]​        December 12,2017  [29]​ , January 30,2018  [34]​ September 2018  (Prime Video) [59]

  # The Hole (2018)                                 June 8,2018 (YouTube) [58]

[ Doc For Gov (2018) 

 # Love in the Future (2020) [26]

{ Revolt (2020) [36]

# Breaking The Chains (2019) [53]

# Skylar & Ashley (2019) [35]​                    February 12,2019

  { Giving up Forever (2022) [77]

[ Narcissism: The Untold Story of Terror (2020) [78]

{ The Mall (2024)





Burke (right) on the set of "Love in the Future" - November 2017

In Development:

{ Mandalay (???)   [73]​                                                                                                             

{ Santana (???) [74]

{ The Wizard of Menlo Park (???) [75]

{ Zuck (???)  

{ The Train in my Grandmother's Backyard (???) 

{ The Gangsters in the Skyscraper (????) [76]

{ The Green People (????)

[ Something Real (????)


Personal Life


Burke is very active on social media. His Instagram, [20]​  and Twitter,  [19]​ are used to promote his films. Burke founded his own independent film production company in 2016

called "Grandad Productions" which is named in honor of his Grandfather who died in 2007. [17]

He currently resides in Manchester,Connecticut USA. [2]​ [19]​  Burke has been collaborating with writer and Cinematographer

Melissa Fidler on his films since February 2017. [37]

Burke's friend Phillip Misenti has been collaborating with him since 2016 as the set 

photographer on all of his films. [38]​ Burke is an active critic of Donald Trump. The character James Worthington  in his film "Revolt" is based entirely on Trump and his behavior. [45]​ Burke is an Anarchist and has taken part in many demonstrations against Trump and Fascism [2]​ He is also

a mental health advocate fighting for the lives of those with mental illness. He has written a bill

he began writing in September 2015, which if passed in the Connecticut legislature, would effectively

criminalize bullying and stigma against all people  including those with disabilites and mental illness. [17]​ 


His top 4  favorite music bands are 5 Seconds of Summer, Blink-182, All Time Low and Linkin Park. [17]


He is currently single. [57]


Burke has said that when he makes it into the commercial film industry , he plans on buying several luxurious homes in the united states. 

The locations are  in Westerly, Rhode Island [2]​ New York City, Manhattan [2]​ Los Angeles, California [2]​ and  Oahu, Hawaii [2]




Burke has stated that he refuses to copy other filmmakers , which

basically to him means "being the next Spielberg"  , [44]​ He encourages young filmmakers                                                                                                

Darius Burke on the set of his movie "Revolt" - January 2018

to not be like any other filmmaker, stating "it's great to have influences but do not conform

to the basic idea of making it all about money, making movies should come straight from the heart" [44]


Despite this , Burke has stated that these

filmmakers influenced him in his writing and style of films, [17]



Filmmakers Oliver Stone and Michael Moore have influenced the style of Burke's films, which are mostly political,  or historical. 

Burke considers his film "Revolt" as an example of having Oliver Stone and Michael Moore influenced content. [29]

Steven Spielberg influenced him

because of his science fiction direction of filmmaking ,

a technique similar to Burke's short film "Love in the Future" which has Spielberg type

science fiction elements with an important message.  [26]

Burke considers filmmaker Shaun Hart his "mentor" and "the reason why i got into filmmaking" ,

Hart inspired him also because of the "importance of being brave in films and criticizing the system" 

which includes elements of targeting  political correctness, which Burke says has "given him strength

to not be afraid to speak out" , [17]​ La La Land Director Damien Chazelle, motivated Burke , Burke states that

"Chazelle gives me hope that i can make it in the industry and especially at a very young age" [17]



Entrepreneurial activities, and other endeavors  


Burke also plans on renting a home in Manchester,Connecticut to become

the headquarters of his film production company,  Grandad Productions. [43]​ The studio will be designed to 

help independent filmmakers have a place to go to for editing, filming, and to engage in social and political change. [71]


Grandad Productions LLC will be the first Major theatrical Movie (non-animation) production facility in Connecticut. Aside from the other movie studio called  Blue Sky Studios in Greenwich,Connecticut [69]​ [70]​ which creates animated films, whereas Grandad Productions does not. [43]


Several ideas were proposed in the late-2000's to bring a major film studio to nearby South Windsor,Connecticut, but the deal went sour and the studio was never constructed. [67]​  As of 2018,  the studio idea is still in development.  [66]​  [68]


Grandad Productions is likely to become the first major film studio operating in Connecticut , that produces non-animated films. [71]​ , As the business grows, Burke plans on buying large amounts of property near Evergreen Walk

in South Windsor, Connecticut to move the headquarters there. [71]​ [72]​ The area around Evergreen Walk is a high traffic area, which will increase employment and generate thousands of jobs in the state.  [72]​ 




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