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Danni Cassette is a singer, songwriter and vocal arranger whose commitment to the craft has framed her career decisions, musical compositions, and even her name. Born March 25th 1988 in Sacramento, California, eldest of Alicia and William, arrived in the physical realm singing, not crying. Although family and friends can recall Danni’s musicality from an even earlier age; the defining moment for Danni was when, at the age of three, her grandmother gave her a Fisher Price tape recorder with a mic. Danni could be heard entertaining loudly at any given moment and replaying the best of her recorded creations over and over. This gift and the cassettes that held so many creations became central to Danni’s analog beginnings.
Danni Cassette’s love for all styles of music came from a rich and varied background surrounded by a musical family and church community. Danni’s family legacy includes one grandfather who sung background for Sam Cook and toured the country singing in a gospel group, another grandfather who toured playing keys and as lead singer of a band called the Lumpen, and a grandmother who played piano for one of the premier churches in San Jose, CA and sang opera in the Bay Area. Danni honed her vocal arranging abilities shadowing some of the most prolific choir directors in Northern California and Central Georgia. Danni was very soon acknowledged for her gift and by the age of sixteen had already sung at multiple conferences, weddings, funerals and even the grand opening of the first IKEA in Atlanta, which confirmed for Danni Cassette, music would be her life whether through writing and arranging or performing.
Danni Cassette’s first EP “The Land of Tapehistry” released December 2011 conceptually reflects this varied background. After its release, a decision was made to share the deep seeded need to perform. In the past year, Danni has traveled throughout Florida, Chicago, Philadelphia, DC, and is growing a loyal following in Atlanta where she currently lives. Although earning scores of fans through touring, there was a desire to expand. Danni Cassette attended the national APCA conference in Atlanta this past March ready to learn, market herself, connect with new people, and showcase her talents. Danni performed that Saturday with her band, Analog Sandwich, an eclectic group of musicians wanting to lend their creativity to Danni’s talent. They awed the crowd, packing into ten minutes the genres country, soul, hip hop, and rock. Danni was able to showcase considerable musical creativity from popular covers of the top 40s to excerpts from the previously released EP, to break into the college market.
Danni’s artistry is meant to inspire. Through life’s struggles, finding acceptance of oneself and the freedom to live not merely as black-and-white but as “Coloreds”, is understood in the written word and felt in the musical arrangements. Danni’s EP also reflects that message. Danni’s work to come and performances will continue to inspire everyone willing to listen, to live boldly and freely.
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