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It isn’t always about being righteous. But it’s always about having soul. Danielle Ponder and the Tomorrow People transcends musical genres with a blast of deep, powerful groove and soul. The band is the groove while Ponder’s pipes keep it rooted in soul. And according to Ponder, soul is more than a sound.

“Soul music is something you feel,” she says. “It gives you goose bumps.”

Ponder has spent the past 10 of her 33 years rendering goose bumps by perfecting her style and charismatic performance. She sings, you listen, you melt. The result of her focus and dedication is a tone that is both enchanting and seductive along with a riveting, honest stage presence. It is this voice that has helped her secure gigs opening up for powerhouses such as John Legend, George Clinton and The Roots.

“I am a very passionate performer,” Ponder says. “I usually make myself go back to the place I was when I wrote that song. I like to immerse myself in those feelings. That helps me deliver an authentic performance.”

To Ponder, the audience is integral to the performance. They are, in a sense, part of the band. We are all tomorrow people.

“That’s why I named the band Tomorrow People,”When I get on stage I want the audience to be just as important as the musicians. I want to hear them, feel them, and see them dancing and moving.

That’s not a problem. When Danielle Ponder and the Tomorrow People hit the stage things get torqued up quickly like a tent revival during tornado season.

And despite the band mates up there with her, it’s clear; this is her band, this is her stage.

This sensational singer lists powerful influences that lit her fuse like Nina Simone, Big Mama Thornton, Koko Taylor, and Lauryn Hill. Ponder opens her mouth to sing and it’s readily apparent; there’s another name that belongs in that pantheon as well. Danielle Ponder, and her time is now. [+]
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