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Danielle Natoni is a fitness icon who came from a struggling background and inspires others to implement change in their lives. Danielle propelled the Fit and Funky brand to success through social media. Fit and Funky propelled to have over 5,000 coaches and over 15,000 fit family participants that follow her lead to living a healthier life.


If anyone knows the struggles of being a working mom, it’s Danielle Natoni. Danielle became a mom at an early age and worked as a mathematics teacher at an elementary school while struggling with crippling debt. During this time, Danielle was looking for a way out of her situation. Once she was introduced to Beachbody, her life changed. This was the catalyst for Danielle[10]​ to create her fitness brand and fitness family “Fit and Funky,” which transformed her life from fractions to fitness star. You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take the classroom out of the teacher.




Early Life

Danielle[8]​ was born in New York on October 29, 1978. She grew up in Titusville, Florida​. She was passionate about violin during her high school. 

Danielle has served as a Master Trainer for the INSANITY workout program


Danielle was a fifth grade math teacher and she later she started her career as a Fitness expert and came be known as Fit and Funky.[1]​ She served as a Master Trainer for the INSANITY workout program. Danielle creates, tests and records the formats utilized by instructors all over the globe as a Beachbody LIVE Master Trainer and the INSANITY LIVE Format Expert.[2]


Danielle has many achievements throughout her career:[13]


  • Danielle was named as a Top 10 Elite Beachbody Coach in 2012. 
  • She got featured in INSANITY MAX 30.
  • She has been associated with famous fitness programs, such as CIZE, Country Heat and CIZE. 
    Danielle Natoni

Family Life

Her husband is Fitness entrepreneur Darren Natoni[11][12]​. She has two daughters named Bianca and Adrianna.  others achieve their goals is unparalleled.


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