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Dan Larimer is a Blockchain​ specialist and entrepreneur. Larimer is cofounder of EOS (cryptocurrency)​, Steemit​ and Bitshares​. [1]​ [3]​ He is focused in the areas of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, decentralized exchanges, economic systems and freedom.


Larimer received a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Computer Science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 2003.


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Dan Larimer - A Prescient Retrospective - Part 1

Daniel Larimer was born in Colorado and spent his formative years in Florida and Virginia. He learned computer programming from his father when still in elementary school. After finishing college, he joined a handful of friends to launch a virtual reality company. In an interview with yBitcoin Dan Larimer said: “We did well and made money every year, but we closed it down after five years and went on to other things".[10]

Satoshi Nakamoto

Larimer discovered Bitcoin when he googled “decentralized currency”. Satoshi Nakamoto​'s name popped up. Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym for the developer of Bitcoin, whom he soon began regularly communicating with before developing his own twist on Nakamoto’s blockchain technology in the form of BitShares.

Ron Paul presidential campaigns

Encounters with the Ron Paul presidential campaigns stimulated an intellectual odyssey into the depths of libertarianism, a passion that informs his fusion of economics, innovation, politics and the common good.[10]​ "I believe whole-heartedly in voluntary associations and moving beyond a contract society where I’m going to get you to do X, Y or Z or I’ll get the government to point a gun at you,” he says. “Contracts always come down to government force. All that just drives costs and misery up. I want to do business on a handshake and make reputation primary, because if your reputation is damaged it’s the worst thing that can happen, and your business suffers. It’s never about coercion, but about the Golden Rule with a slight twist: ‘Don’t do unto others as you don’t want them to do unto you." Larimer points out that Bitcoin operates on basically the same premise, where, he says, “No one delivers anything by fiat.”[10]

An Austrian Economist

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#197 Dan Larimer: EOS - The Decentralized Operating System

On January 4, 2015, Dan wrote a blog post explaining his position on economical theories: Why I am an Austrian Economist - Take 1.[9]​ The blog and principles of Austrian economic were criticized by many, along with Vitalik Buterin, one of the Ethereum's founders. Vitalik responded with a paper wrote by Bryan Caplan of George Mason university titled “Why I am not an Austrian Economist”. Caplan began as an Austrian economist and then switched after 8 years and a Ph.D in economics from Princeton. Larimer presented arguments in favour of Austrian economics, when he wrote: "I am a very principled individual and am not easily impressed with fancy math. I like the Austrian approach to economics because it is an approach based upon principles and deductive/inductive reasoning."

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