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Dagi D.D.

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Dagi D.D. (born in Czech Republic) is a Czech pornographic actress. [1]

Movies and Videos [1]

  • Meine geile Freundin [VTO] (1995)
  • Club Bizarre (II) [DBM Video] (1995)
  • Secret Service Boobs [Black Rose] (1995)
  • Line Up [DBM Video] (1995)
  • Twilight 22 [DBM Video] (1995)
  • Spanner Studio [BB-Video] (1995)
  • Geficktes Doppel [VTO] (1997)
  • At the Club [DBM Video] (1995)
  • Geile Mause [VTO] (1995)
  • Fantastic Lady [BB-Video] (1996)
  • Streetfuck [BB-Video] (1995)
  • Mosenspalter [VTO] (1995)
  • Double Trouble (II) [XY Video] (1996)
  • Natascha und ihre Schlampen [BB-Video] (1995)
  • Susser die Glocken nie schwingen [VTO] (1997)
  • Strassen Flirt [BB-Video] (1995)
  • Uber den Dachern von Koln [BB-Video] (1995)
  • Fox Hunt 1 [Blue Coyote Pictures] (1994)
  • Teresa's Finest [VTO] (1995)
  • Huren vom Strassenstrich 1 [BB-Video] (1995)
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