Coupled is an American reality show that aired on Fox from May 17 to August 2, 2016. It was hosted by television personality, Terrence J and created by Mark Burnett, of Survivor, The Apprentice, Are You Smarter Than a fifth Grader?, Shark Tank, and The Voice, as well as Ben Newmark and Dan Newmark.

Filming took place in Anguilla. The cast included Miss Arizona USA 2009, Alicia-Monique Blanco; Miss Colorado USA 2015, Talyah Polee; host, Domonique Price, and American singer-songwriter, TV personality, and former collegiate athlete; Alex Lagemann.

Tyler Gattuso was in the running to be a cast member on Big Brother 17, but was ultimately not chosen due to the news being leaked by online media and his Instagram hinting at the news suggesting he wasn't going to be active for quite a while. A few days later, after the cast for Big Brother was announced, he was ranting on Twitter, shortly deleting them and deactivating his account.

On August 8, 2016, Fox cancelled the series after one season.


Coupled features 12 single women who're on the quest for love. Each week different men come to the Caribbean Island and meet the women. After meeting, the women have the choice to go right — saying yes to pursuing the man a few more — and join him at the Tiki bar. Alternately, they can choose to go left — saying no to spending any more time with the man — and go back to the bungalow to wait for the next contestant. This process is inspired by the app, Tinder, in which you swipe left or right depending on your preference.

The women who choose to go to the tiki bar will await the man, where he'll then pick two women to pursue further at the villa. Once at the villa, the man will spend a few individual time with each of the women to see which one he has the most chemistry or connexions with. At the end of the night, he'll select one of the women to stay with him at the villa fitting Coupled and the additional one will go back to the bungalow to await the next guy.

At the end of their six-week stay on Anguilla, the couples will be faced with the decision to continue their relationship back in the United States or to end it. The women who want to continue the relationship will join their partner waiting for them at a helicopter pad, while the women who don't want to continue the relationship won't join the men.

During the show, the contestants are given cell phones which they can use to interact with each other. Some of the text messages are featured on the show to create a dialogue and convey more drama.


Lindsey Tuer30Carlsbad, CASales RepAlex Lagemann26Hermosa Beach, CAMusician
Ashley Reitz27Marco Island, FLCurve ModelBrian "BT" Urruela30Tampa, FLRomance Novelist
Lisa Rotondi26New York, NYReal Estate AgentBen Rosenfield36Chicago, ILTech Entrepreneur
Terecia "TT" Baker26Alhambra, CATheme Park PrincessBrandon Smith29Los Angeles, CAFormer Basketball Pro
Alexandra "Alex" Clark23Louisville, KYRadio PersonalityJeffrey Blockson30Chicago, ILReal Estate Investor
Alicia Blanco29Toluca Lake, CAExecutive AssistantTyler Gattuso24Miami, FLModel
Not Coupled
Domonique Price29Seattle, WAAttorneyImari Dale29Los Angeles, CADigital Ad Executive
Kristin Kirgan33Los Angeles, CAPhotographerSteven "Stevey" Moran26Los Angeles, CAInterior Designer
Alyssa Reeves32Sherman Oaks, CAModelJavier Finlay34Miami, FLLawyer
Brittany Lo24New York, NYBeauty Company CEOTaylor Hart36Los Angeles, CAEntrepreneur
Talyah Polee27Lakewood, COSubstance Abuse Counselor
Michelle Tam28New York, NYInterior Decorator
Note: The arrow (↔) means the pair is COUPLED.

Couples that Stayed Together: - Lindsay and Alex - TT and Brandon - Lisa and Ben

Couples that Broke Up: - Alex and Jeffrey - Alicia and Tyler - Ashley and BT

Contestant Progress

MenAlexImariBTTaylorBenBrandonSteveyJeffreyJavierBenTylerJeffreyNo more men.
  1. The woman didn't get to meet this man because she was in the VILLA awaiting a decision by another.
  2. The man didn't choose either women and left the island
  3. A woman in the villa switched partners and there was no decision from the additional woman.
  4. This woman is no longer on the island
 NO  The woman chose to go left back to the Bungalows to await the next man.
 YES  The woman chose to go right to the Tiki Bar to await the man.
 VILLA  The woman was selected by the man to go to the VILLA, but wasn't chosen to stay.
 VILLA  The woman was selected by the man to stay at the VILLA with him.
 SWITCH  The woman decided to SWITCH to a different man at the VILLA.
 LEFT  The woman LEFT the island and went home.
 LEFT  The woman LEFT the island and went home because no more men were coming.
 NC  The woman and/or man decided to be Not Coupled when they left the island.
 COUPLED  The woman and man decided to stay COUPLED when they left the island.


No.TitleOriginal air dateU.S. viewers
1"Chemistry 101"May 17, 2016 (2016-05-17)1.76
In the series premiere, 12 women begin their search for love by meeting face-to-face with a series of men and instantly deciding if they have enough chemistry to start dating.
2"Instant Connection"May 24, 2016 (2016-05-24)1.22
The second man arrives and decides which ladies he wants to spend time with and the first couple tests their chemistry in the Couples' Villas.
3"Chemical Attraction"May 31, 2016 (2016-05-31)1.29
A text message sparks tension in one of the couples and a new single guy arrives.
4"At First Sight"June 7, 2016 (2016-06-07)1.31
Political views cause tension for one couple and two new guys arrive.
5"Love Bites"June 14, 2016 (2016-06-14)1.23
A surprising rejection creates chaos among the ladies; a woman eyes someone else's man; and one of the ladies reveals an emotional part of her past.
6"Chain Reactions"June 21, 2016 (2016-06-21)1.26
Competition increases amongst the women when a new guy receives a quite warm welcome. Also: one couple runs into compatibility problems while one of the additional women tries to see how much her guy is invested.
7"Chemistry Project"June 28, 2016 (2016-06-28)1.39
A new guy chooses two completely different women to take to the villas and they do everything they can to win him over. Elsewhere: a game of truth or dare tests a couple's relationship.
8"Mutual Distraction"July 19, 2016 (2016-07-19)1.28
9"Laws of Attraction"July 26, 2016 (2016-07-26)1.06
10/11"Coupled Up"August 2, 2016 (2016-08-02)1.11