coloRadio is a non-commercial self-managed Community radio in Dresden (Germany) made by the registered association "Radio-Initiative Dresden e.V.". coloRadio transmits after 8 July 1993. Since March 1, 2007 it can be heard over 2 weak frequencies, 50 and 100 watts, or over the internet-livestream Monday to Friday 6 to 11 p.m. CET as well as Saturday and Sunday from noon to midnight, 49 hours a week, on 98.4 and 99.3 MHz. The time of programme is parted in the 4 groups of editorial departments: magazine, music, politics as well as art and culture, which again are parted in several editorial departments. Most broadcasts are made monthly and in german language, but a few broadcasts are additionally made in additional languages like English, Czech, Spanish and Chinese. Decisions are made by the responsible plenum, which are parted by the broadcasters and association members. There is nothing like a chief editor. The broadcasters works voluntary and aren't paid, because the broadcasters shall stay editorial independent. coloRadio is emancipatory radio. coloRadio is member of the "Bundesverbandes Freier Radios" in Germany. The monthly paper of programme is called "Transmitter". Like the additional Saxony Community radios "Radio Blau" in Leipzig and "Radio T" in Chemnitz coloRadio was deactivated of FM by the Media Broadcast from April 17 to May 13, 2010 because of a dispute for the costs of transmitting and cables.