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Chox-Mak Bio

Chox-Mak, pronounced Chose Mak, short for Choxen Immakulent, was born on September 11, 1984 in Cleveland, Ohio as the youngest of four children. Being the baby of the family, Chox-Mak was influenced by his older siblings, but as he came into his own, he developed a passion for hip hop music. As a young Chox grew into a man, he found hip hop being the soundtrack to his life.

When Chox-Mak's military father was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, Chox and the rest of the family moved with him and this is where hip hop truly became a part of his life. As a child in Japan, Chox-Mak won a hip hop competition against a friend and the passion for hip hop reached new heights. Upon returning to the United States to Beaufort, South Carolina, in 1991, Chox-Mak wrote his first rhyme under the pseudonym, Black Ice, and it all truly began for him.

After moving to Williamston, North Carolina for a brief period of time, Chox-Mak's family moved to their hometown, the place Chox recognizes as home, Jacksonville, North Carolina. In the midst of this, Chox-Mak continued working on developing his craft and he developed a talent for writing rhymes that stuck with him. While his lyrics inspired him, they disappointed his parents, who did not support his rap fantasies and they often threw his rhymes away.

As anyone with a dream will state, support typically does not come from those around them and Chox-Mak realized this early and kept working, despite his parents' wishes. Soon, Chox-Mak joined a group with his brother called Arkade and he began recording and battling around town. At the age of eighteen, Chox did a mixtape as a part of the group, Kativ and he was then given the name Choxen (Chosen) by group member, Azrael.

Chox-Mak soon lost touch with his group members and became a bit of a journeyman with local groups, working on his music. After going solo, Chox-Mak linked up with fellow former Kativ group member, Guv Grimz, and a few other local rappers to form Jax City Entertainment. The label was created to showcase the talent of Jacksonville, North Carolina and they linked with DJ Prince to drop The Takeover in 2010.

Since 2010, Chox-Mak has dropped several solo projects, starting with 910ver and he landed with Scotland's Bunty Beats' Mixkings Records in 2012. His movement has continued going strong with Jax City Entertainment and the future looks bright for them all. Chox-Mak would partner with DJ YRS Jerzy in 2012 and they had a strong run of success in 2013 through their online releases and their interviews.Chox has also opened for Curren$y,Styles P,Fiend,Young Roddy,Immortal Technique,La Da Boom Man,and Skinny Deville and FishScales(Nappy Roots).Chox has been featured consistently on major websites such as TheSourceCom,All Hip Hop,Hip Hop DX,Sways Universe,ThatsEnuff.com,HipHopSince1987,Hip-Hop Vibe and more. [+]
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