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Chloe B. (born in Melbourne) is a Australian pornographic actress. [1]

Movies and Videos [1]

  • Girls With Passion [Abby Winters] (2008)
  • Momentum 3 [Light Southern] (2016)
  • Risque Girls [Abby Winters] (2009)
  • Girls With Desire [Abby Winters] (2008)
  • Intimate Moments: Alone and Intimate [Abby Winters] (2008)
  • Girls Gaming Girls [Wicked City] (2014)
  • Intimate Moments: Secret Pleasures [Abby Winters] (2007)
  • ATK Busty And Hairy 3 [Kick Ass Pictures] (2013)
  • Girls Down Under [Abby Winters] (2007)
  • ATK Natural and Hairy 47 [Kick Ass Pictures] (2014)
  • Momentum [Light Southern] (2015)
  • Next Door Girls [Abby Winters] (2007)
  • Intimate Moments Shared 1 [Abby Winters] (2007)
  • Girl Sessions [Abby Winters] (2008)
  • Girls Get Hot [Abby Winters] (2008)
  • Even More Intimate Moments [Abby Winters] (2006)
  • Girls Get Heated [Abby Winters] (2012)
  • Girls in the Groove [Abby Winters] (2007)
  • Girls Satisfying Girls [Abby Winters] (2011)
  • Momentum 2 [Light Southern] (2015)
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