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From the ashes of local bands such as Sugarfoot, Soul Fuel, and zerotolerence comes Chasing Daylight. Chasing Daylight came into the local music scene just a few short years ago, now they are taking it by storm. Playing gigs that range from Louisiana-Arkansas to Mississippi-Florida, the coast doesn’t know what’s hitting them. Although they are more widely known for their non conventional cover songs and inappropriate stage antics, the band had its uprising last November with their first self-titled album release. The single off the album, Riptide, was written by lead guitarist Chris McBroom, and will have you sucked into the rhythms in only a few short seconds. All songs on the album are written by McBroom or lead vocalist and guitar player, Brandon Waters. With very different writing styles, McBroom leaves you rocking and jamming out, while Waters leads you in a different direction with more mellow tunes that will have you grooving slowly through the night.

Chasing Daylight is on a mission, and that mission is to take you on a journey with their music. Their live shows are never boring to say the least. Being a born entertainer (that just so happens can sing), Waters is equipped with a smart mouth and knack for entertaining. He has a voice that will have you longing to hear more. His unique sound makes it possible for him to perform vocals throughout many different genres. Waters will take you in one direction and then slam you into a complete different one. Always set up on his right is McBroom. He never fails to add entertainment to the show while sucking you into his mind blowing riffs. He also provides a few rap vocals on some old school tunes that sure to get the party started. As the night goes on, he will invite you to “Get Nasty” with him, thus begins provoking dance moves and guitar stroking that you don’t want to miss.

Along with McBroom and Waters, bringing more juice into the mix is drummer Jeffrey Bryan and bassist Matt Champagne. Bryan, better known as J-Frey, adds that touch that is hard to find in most drummers. Being long time childhood friends with Waters has made this lead singer and drummer a dynamic duo. Their music simultaneously flows together without even trying and you can feel them feed off of each other through the music. J-Frey is also known to throw a few vocals out during the show that range from Alanis Morrisette to The White Stripes. Whether its beat boxing, singing, or adding his own mix into popular songs, J-Frey is guaranteed to entertain you. If you enjoy a good slapping of the bass, then Champagne is where it’s at. He is the newest member of the group (and not allowed to have a mic) but that doesn’t mean he’s any less entertaining. Champagne has this aura about him that you just can’t help fall in love with. His love for music is apparent and you will be drawn into his world while watching him throw down on the bass.

This epic combination of many different music souls is what makes up Chasing Daylight. They are guaranteed to entertain you while taking you up and then down on their roller coaster way of life. [+]
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