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Chase Carter (better known as lilbabycheezus on social media) is a fashion model.

She currently models for IMG. Most recently, she was selected to be a swimsuit model for  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.[12]

Early Life

Chase Carter was born on June 10, 1997. She was raised in the Bahamas with her two younger brothers.[0] During her high school years, she played every sport, including soccer, softball, and track & field, she threw the Javelin.[1]​​

Modeling Career


Carter was first scouted when she was 13 years old. She was scouted when she was at an airport while visiting family in Sydney, Australia. She was sitting down and Skyping her friend from the Bahamas. After mentioning the Bahamas numerous times, a modeling agent sitting across from Carter approached her and said that she has a model going to the Bahamas, as well. During the conversation, the agent introduced her to five different modeling agencies in New York City.[27]


Four months later, after convincing her father it wasn't a scam, Chase visited four different agencies. She immediately clicked with IMG and signed with them.


Her first photo was with NYLON.[0] She has also modeled for a Maybelline New York advertisement.[0]

Victoria's Secret PINK

Later in her career, Chase Carter went to a regular casting. Victoria's Secret PINK was on set with a girl she knew. Carter eventually met with them and she eventually did a few photoshoots with them.

Sports Illustrated

On August 19, 2017, Chase Carter was officially revealed as the first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookie of 2018. The announcement was streamed on Facebook Live.[12]

Social Media

The IMG-signed model is known as 'lilbabycheezus' on her social media accounts. She has a strong following on her Instagram account, with over 358,000 followers as of September 15, 2017.[15]


Youtube Video
Chase Carter and Meredith Mickelson work out (while joking around at the same time)

She also started a YouTube channel with fashion model Meredith Mickelson on July 14, 2017.[29]

Personal Life

Chase is pretty close with her family: she talks to her grandfather every night on the phone for at least an hour and talks about all the latest gossip with her mom.[18]


She also has her own blog dedicated to her love of sports.[2] Her favorite sport is football and her favorite team is the Washington Redskins. Her favorite athlete is LeBron James.[3] 


She would love to meet Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart​ one day.[1]


She is a friend of fellow model Alexis Ren and has taken several Instagram photos with her.[0]

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