Casting Shadows (2003) is the seventh and final studio album by the German synthpop duo Wolfsheim. It's their sixth full studio album.

Like all of their albums, Casting Shadows is bilingual, with two tracks ("Kein Zurück" and "Wundervoll") in German, one instrumental ("In Time"), and the remainder in English.

The disc debuted at #1 on the German album charts.

Track listing

  1. "Everyone Who Casts a Shadow"
  2. "Care For You"
  3. "I Won't Believe"
  4. "Kein Zurück" (German; "No Going Back")
  5. "And I..."
  6. "Underneath the Veil"
  7. "Find You're Gone"
  8. "This is for Love"
  9. "Wundervoll" (German; "Wonderful")
  10. "Approaching Lightspeed"
  11. "In Time"