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D. Reuben Snyder (AKA Caspar Sonnet) is an experimental composer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter living in Portland, Oregon. His music is known for its complex repetitions, unique phrasing, haunting melodies, and structural permutations. He draws inspiration from an eclectic range of sources, including: Native American mythology and music, 16th century Italian vocal composer Carlo Gesualdo, and contemporary American minimalist composer Morton Feldman. Snyder releases his debut recording entitled Identify, under the pseudonym Caspar Sonnet, April 5th 2013 on Marriage records

Snyder was born in Los Angeles, California in 1976. He was raised in the deserts of Kennewick, Washington where his father worked as an ending as an engineer at the Hanford nuclear site. Snyder spent much of his childhood isolated — surrounded by rolling hills, tumbleweeds, and the mysterious nuclear facility that shadowed much of the region. His earliest musical influence was his mother, a classically trained Soprano, who encouraged Snyder to find his own way to music. Mainly self-taught, Snyder began playing alto saxophone at age 18, and continued on to study bass clarinet and keyboard.

After traveling around the Pacific Northwest region, Snyder established his base in Portland, Oregon, where he continues his studies in experimental composition, piano, various guitars, and percussion. In addition to his solo work, Snyder is a member of the experimental electronic collective Rob Walmart, a group that includes Adam Forkner (AKA White Rainbow) Davis Hooker and poet Tom Blood. Snyder has also collaborated with Jona Bechtolt of YACHT — with whom he worked as keyboardist and back-up vocalist during the European LCD Sound System tour in spring 2010. Snyder is currently working on his second album as Caspar Sonnet, entitled Kennewick Man which is part one of a trilogy paying homage to the deserts of Southeastern Washington where Snyder was raised. [+]
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