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Casey Judelson is an American​ teenager from the state of New York​ known for being the son of the man who bailed Conor McGregor​ from an arrest following an arrest for criminal mischief and assault charges in early April, 2018. [1][2]


Photo of Conor McGregor​ with Casey Judelson. 


Casey was born and raised in the state of New York​ for most of his life. His parents are father Ira, a well-known bail bondsman in New York, and his mother Blake, a performing arts teacher. [3]​ He lives with his family in the city of Harrison[4]​ 


When he was 12 years old, his father got Fat Joe​ to perform at his son's Bar Mitzva​. [5]


Photo of Casey Judelson with a famous NYC person.

He is a student at Harrison High School where he currently plays American Football as RB and MLB for the JV team. [6]


Judelson is also a passionate fighter in the sport of Boxing​ and is also fond of the Mixed martial arts.​ [7][8]


In The Media 

On the evening of April 6th, 2018, a day after Conor McGregor​ was arrested on charges of mischief and assault, a photography taken of

Photo of Casey Judelson walking with Conor McGregor​ inside of the precinct.

Casey is seen of him walking side to side with McGregor as they enter the courthouse. McGregor used the help of Casey's father to post bond as his assets in Ireland would've taken too long to transfer and get him out of jail. [9]

Casey's father, Ira Judelson, posted a total of $75,000 to bail McGregor and Cian Cowley. Once McGregor was inside of the Ira Judelson offices, he took a photo with his son, Casey. McGregor has stated that his team plans to recruit Casey. [10]

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