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Carlos Alberto Hakas, also known as Chuck Hax, is an Argentinian​ musician currently residing in Los Angeles, California​. [1]​ [22]​ [1]


Photo of Carlos where he plays his electric guitar at the LACMA urban lights. ​

Personal Life

Carlos was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina​ and now lives in Los Angeles, California​. [2]​ He lives with his girlfriend, Holly Covella​, and they both have a Boxer whom they love dearly and care after with passion. [3]​ [22]



He attended Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina​ and some time after, the University of Buenos Aires​ from 1998 to 2001 where he received his Bachelor of Arts​. [22]


Music Career

Reality Motion

Carlos is the frontman of an Electronic metal​ band that's been around since 2004. [4]​ According to the website of his band, the metal project is a continuing reflection of the efforts by Carlos to craft new forms of electromechanical sounds within Industrial metal​ Rock music​. [5]​ The music is composed mainly of heavy thrashing guitars, modular multi-layered oscillator synths, and growling melodic vocals. [6]​ [22]


Event Eleven

A few years after graduating from College, he moved out to Los Angeles, California​ where he began working for a production company called, Event Eleven. He was a production assistant for some of the most elaborate events such as parties, fashion shows, and charity events. [23]​ [22]


Sound Engineer

Since 2010, he has been working as a sound engineer for Talarian Media where he has worked with numerous clients over the years. [24]


Musicians Union Local 47

Carlos is also a part of the Los Angeles musicians' union where he works for several musicians in the area. The organization is a union for working professional musicians in the city, and Carlos is a well-known collaborator. [25]


Altercation with a Street Vendor

On the afternoon of July 24, 2017, in the corner of Romaine and El Centro, as Carlos and his girlfriend, Holly Covella​, walked their dog, they came across Benjamin Ramirez, a Mexican​ street vendor, who for the past 2 months had been selling in the area. [7]​ This happened to be their fourth encounter and this time, Carlos asked the man to move the cart. [8][31] [✔]


Carlos and Benjamin began speaking to argue in Spanish​ about the position of the cart, with the man saying: "Ahí está el paso" ("You have a path"). Yet, Carlos refused to accept that as an answer so he told him, "Si no lo vas a mover el carro, lo voy a mover yo", ("If you're not going to move the cart, I'll do it myself"). [8]​ 


Carlos persists in trying to get the cart to move, so he tells Holly to call the cops and then walks over to the cart. Benjamin takes chili powder from the cart and spews some of it to Carlos' face as a way to neutralize him and defend himself. Benjamin moves out of the way and captures Carlos on camera knocking over the cart to the ground. [9]


Carlos then walks away to wipe off the chili powder from his eyes and his clothes. The man then grabs a metal bar kept inside the cart and tries to

Moments when Carlos decides to knock over the cart.

strike Carlos, yet his Holly stops him by saying, "Don't you fucking try it!" The worker then says, "Me vale madre" ("I gives no fucks") and proceeds capturing on camera Carlos and refers to him as: "Este Racista" ("A Racist"). Carlos is then triggered by this and says, "I am not a racist you idiot! Yo no soy racista mongolico. Soy Argentino retrasado mental" (Trans. "I am not a racist you mongoloid. I am Argentinian you retard."). [10]


Users on Social media​ have doxxed Carlos and have been sharing the video on Facebook​, which has gotten more than 400,000 thousand views. [11]


Former Altercations 

According to Benjamin's father, Alejandro, who had an interview with a local reporter, says that Carlos has harassed his son in the past. [31] ​It's been a total of four times that he has berated and attacked Benjamin for having the cart in the street with the last encounter resulting in a clash where Carlos knocks over the cart. After the third time, Alejandro told his son to video record the next encounter. [34]​ Carlos and his girlfriend would harass Benjamin for doing his business in their Hollywood Neighborhood. [38]


The police are now looking for Carlos according to news reports. They believe he's had another similar encounter with another man from the same neighborhood that Benjamin works at. [35]

Police Response

After the incident occurred, the police arrived to get a report and according to Benjamin's father, Carlos was able to talk his way out of getting arrested. Due to his ability to speak English, he communicated better than Benjamin about the matters concerning the incident, and therefore the police officer allowed him to go. [31]

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    LoLo  •  3 weeks ago
    So disappointed in this man. His boxer deserves a better Dad.
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    Who are you YOU. As an Argentinian man in America, to tell anyone else what to do? What, did your heifer gf not give you sex for a long time so you go and bother STREET VENDORS. Who the fuck is BOTHERED by them. It's not your sidewalk and if something that insignificant caused you to take such stupid, inhuman action- it just shows who you REALLY are. I wouldn't want to actually do something to get you upset. I smell domestic violence at home........
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    gusbrum  •  3 weeks ago

    Carlos you are FUCKTARD!!!

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    Pendejo77  •  3 weeks ago
    Bro you embarrassed yourself so hard it's seriously not fucking funny. Everything going on in this big bad world, and you have to be another piece of trash villain.... for what purpose bro? Little Argentina penis or something. Ay dios we'll pray for you. - an embarrassed Argentinian. Shame on you....
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    Temp  •  3 weeks ago
    You're a 40 year old loser and a failing musician.  And your girlfriend's a fat bitch slob.  Your life was already shitty before you got put on blast all over the internet.... ha.
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    Xóchitl1535  •  3 weeks ago
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    Xóchitl1535  •  3 weeks ago
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    Que bolas tienes paníta. No entiendo porque causastes tanto desmadre, quizás lo hiciste pensando que fue un concierto de rock...
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    marker73  •  3 weeks ago
    Love how your gf had to stand and protect you from getting a much deserved ass kicking after your deeply cowardly act.
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    cl.kirk32  •  3 weeks ago
    Who the fuck are you?! I hope you pay for this. You are scum. You are everything that is wrong with this world. I hope karma bites you in the ass you piece of shit!
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    MonicaVazquez  •  3 weeks ago
    Fucking racist!!!
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    nidiamdz  •  3 weeks ago
    You are a pathetic excuse of a man and IMMIGRANT. You're a sorry piece of shit BULLY. I'm so disgusted in you and that you've become such an ugly hearted person!! You're gross woman as well!!! Both of you I hope you get the worst of the worst that you deserve. May you never Rest In Peace over this!
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    neighbor  •  3 weeks ago
    Carlos, you need HELP.  What you and your large gf did was violent, childish, and un-American. Both of you  need to apologize to Benjamin, and pay for the damage that you did.  And wash your mouths out with soap!
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    Vanna  •  3 weeks ago
    So sad that this man feels he is entitled to treat others badly with no consequences whatsoever because in the end he was able to talk himself out of jail.
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    Justice94  •  2 weeks, 6 days ago
    You're a piece of shit. No one's going to listen to your music. I hope your life is ruined. You're nothing but a racist bastard who deserves nothing in life but sadness.
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    Haupia  •  2 weeks, 6 days ago
    Everyone knows where you and the cow live.  Better watch out if anyone decides to come by and visit.
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    Decent_American  •  2 weeks, 6 days ago
    He is also a DEADBEAT - Evicted from his apartment for non payment of rent  Case #  04U13895

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    UnoMas+++  •  2 weeks, 5 days ago
    Puto Racista!!!!! Oh, perdón es Argentino. Saludos a mi Plebe Argentina se les quiere mucho. Pero este pinche acomplejado es un:

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    Alex  •  2 weeks, 3 days ago
    Racista de mierda , no vengan a playa del Carmen ni Tulum ni tu ni tu novia gorda que te van a romper tu madre
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    Punisher  •  2 weeks, 3 days ago
    Hey MF I just saw the video and was utterly disgusted. Let me tell you something. You are a piece of shit that needs to be set straight. I just wish I could've traded places with the guy you abused and I guarantee you that you would've needed a visit to the ER along with the fat hoe that defended you. Now that you are infamous and your shitty Hollywood dreams are officially over you can start packing to go back to your country - we don't need / want you around anymore.
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    Me_dijo_tu_madre  •  2 weeks, 2 days ago
    Che! Pelotudo come mierda!! Que puta te creés mal parido hijo de puta??!!! Andate calladito a la puta que te parió gaucho de mierda!! Voz y toda tu puta manada de analfabetos ignorantes racistas de mierda! Deberían esterilizar a todo tu puto paìs para ponerle fin a una raza de huevones INÙTILES!!! El único gaucho come mierda bueno es un gaucho come mierda muerto. Tragate la pastilla y morite hijo de puta!!
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    Minneapolitan_Rapper  •  1 week, 5 days ago
    An Argentinian racist...
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    Nikka  •  1 week, 2 days ago
    omg how did i miss this story?
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