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Cardi B (real name Belcalis Almanzar born October 11, 1992 in Bronx, New York) is an American hip-hop recording artist, singer-songwriter, Instagram celebrity, and former nude stripper of Dominican/ Trinidadian descent signed to Atlantic Records. [59] She is part of the cast of Love and Hip Hop. The nickname Cardi is short for Bacardi (like the rum!) - a testament to her Caribbean ethnicity. [17]


Cardi B promoting an event.
Cardi B promoting an event.

Before she was the internet sensation known as Cardi B, she worked at a supermarket called Amish Market in New York City, while living with her boyfriend at the time. During this time in her life, she was going through a challenging transition and she felt overwhelmed by the little amount of money that she was making. Her mother had just kicked her out of the house and her boyfriend was beginning to reject her and cast her off. Her boyfriend's little sister would steal her marijuana and some of her money, and his friends would always come by and play video games[52]


She enrolled in several classes in college, but decided to drop out in favor of focusing on making money in addition to not having enough of the resources necessary to complete schooling. [17]


She decided that earning $200/week was not enough for her to pay all of her expenses and decided to give stripping a chance. The manager of of the supermarket knew the manager who operated the strip club just across the street from the market. At first, Belcalis, innocently disapproved being naked and thought that people had sex at strip clubs, but her manager explained to her how the business works. She made more in a day than she did in a week of work at the supermarket. [52]


When she visited her mother after a year of being a stripper, her mother threw her down the stairs, and the beef started again. [50]


A drawing of her
A drawing of her

While continuing her work as a stripper, she began utilizing Instagram as a way to post content that many consider comically abrasive. She would often post videos and photos to talk about relationships, men's and women's ideology in regards to love life, dating, and promiscuity among women. She received a large amount of followers which also came with negative comments that Cardi would of course promptly respond back. [50]


One of the reasons she started stripping, among many others, was to avoid domestic violence[17]


Early Life & Career

Growing up in the Bronx, her teachers and her family members never thought that she would amount to much earlier in her life. Her family is a Dominican/ Trinidadian, people that has brought plenty of laughter in a convivial setting in Washington Heights and Bronx. Her Dominican father is influential in the comedy delivery she has portrayed throughout her life. Her Trinidadian/Caribbean mother is described to be a thoughtful and concerned person. She still has family from the Dominican Republic that come to New York City to visit her and family. [52]


Another picture of her during an interview
Another picture of her during an interview

After years of developing a reputation as a dancer and a personality among the stripper community and social media, the producers of Love & Hip Hop: New York made contact with her. At first, she told them that she would consider it as she wasn't hopeful that it would help her in any way  and was weary that the show would ruin her reputation. In the end, she became a part of the cast and her popularity has risen since. [50]


Before becoming part of the cast of Love & Hip Hop: New York, one of the ways in which her Instagram blew up was when Bobby Shmurda reposted one her posts on his account. She became a sensation shared throughout the Tumblr and Twitter community. Later on she went to share a clip in which she says the following:  “People be asking me, 'What do you does?... Are you a model? Are you, like, a comedian or something?’ Nah, I ain’t none of that. I’m a hoe. I’m a stripper hoe. I’m about this shmoney,” which solidified her unorthodox enunciation and spirit. [51]  

Full body shot of Cardi B.
Full body shot of Cardi B.

After the show's success and becoming a sought after individual throughout 2016, she was able to quit after her birthday on October 11th, 2016. She has since released a Hip hop mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1, and some singles. She's now working on Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2. [52]


She's landed a role on BET's hit drama, Being Mary Janeand will also work on Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne[52] [48]



Belcalis considers herself a smart person despite the animosity she receives from the online community about her intelligence. She did well in her studies, but would often be distracted by her desire to become popular at school. [49]


She has a boyfriend who is currently in prison. Since her recent fame, she has not been able to find the time to visit him. She still sends him money. Belcalis doesn't date other men since her boyfriend is in prison, but she does engage sexually with women. [49]


Although she had problems with her mother, they have since rekindled their relationship along with the rest of her family. [52]


Belcalis hopes to fall in love with the right man and have kids, although she doesn't believe in the idea of marriage. She sees famous men as "Corny", and prefers her man in prison. [49]


Since around the month of February, it has been rumored that Offset of Migos and Cardi B have been dating. They have been seen together numerous times at events and public places. When asked about it, Cardi says that they both have a connection and understand each other due to how far they both have come from poverty and the streets. She says that Offset is a good man and often motivates her and encourages her to continue to pursue her work in entertainment. He also flatters her with gifts. Fans on social media have expressed their concerned for Cardi that she may get her heart broken but she says she's a big girl and can handle it. [56][58][57]


In a March 2017 interview, Cardi B stated she only has threesomes to get "cool points" from her lover. [61]  [60]



Cardi B fixed her famously crooked teeth in November 2016. Her new teeth were received with much fanfare. She chose Dr. Catrise Austin, a famous female black cosmetic dentist in NYC, to fix her teeth. Cardi B showed off her results which she was very satisfied with them. [55] [54]

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