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In order to tell the story of Captain Courageous, we have to go back to the beginning. Andrew Spittler (vocals, guitar, bass) and Thomas Hemington (drums, vocals) had been playing music together since the 7th grade, mainly in the confines of Thomas’s garage. As the two journeyed through their years of high school, they were apart of many different groups with many different people. These bands include: The Shenanigans, Static Alaska, Captain Courageous and the Space Cadets, and Hawley, the most successful of the bunch being Hawley. Hawley was a three piece high energy rock band with Thomas, Andrew, and good friend and guitarist Harrison Ashen. Hawley played a fair amount of shows around the Sacramento area before fading away when Andrew and Thomas graduated from Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, California. Thomas went to Santa Cruz to attend Cabrillo Junior College his freshman year and play baseball, while Andrew went up north to Salem, Oregon to attend Willamette University.
The two kept in touch throughout the year and played when they could. Then, in the summer of 2011, Thomas received a text from an acquaintance he knew at Rio Americano, Zach Simas (vocals, bass, guitar). Zach and Thomas knew each other through high school baseball, and Zach was two years below Thomas and Andrew in school. Zach had explained to Thomas that he had been working on covering some songs and messing around with recording them with his good buddy, Dylan Block (vocals, guitar, bass). Dylan was Zach’s age, and Thomas knew him vaguely through school. The two had asked Thomas to come record some drums on a cover they had been working on, Soul to Squeeze by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Thomas said sure, not really expecting much, he didn’t even know the two were into music. Long story short, Thomas was blown away with what he had heard by Dylan and Zach. The guitar was step for step with the song, and Dylan and Zach had switched off singing the chorus and the verse showcasing their singing abilities. Thomas knew he had stumbled upon something great so the three started jamming in a room later became known as, “The Stood”. After one or two jam seshes, Thomas knew he had to bring Andrew to the group, and Andrew was thrilled at the idea of having a full group to jam with and have someone on the bass, which had always been an issue for the duo in previous groups. The foursome jammed and experimented for the rest of that summer and really enjoyed playing together. When it came to finding the name, Thomas and Andrew had already been a part of a group called, Captain Courageous and the Space Cadets, with good friend and musician, Andy Bissell. All four in the group really liked the name, but wanted to cut it to just Captain Courageous, so it stuck (Thomas swears he came up with that name, who knows when he’s telling the truth). They all loved what the name stood for, and felt that their music really resembled the name.
The following summer, 2012, the group started taking everything more seriously. Spittler, Simas, and Block all had written a bookcase worth of songs individually, and that summer was really dedicated to putting these lyrics into a full band version of that song. Near the end of summer 2012, Simas and Block invited their long time friend, Joe Koppel (keys, piano) to come help the group out by adding another layer to their sound with his keys. Koppel meshed really well with the group and constantly lifted the mood of the room with his humor and goofy quirks. Late in the summer of 2012, the group decided to put their 8 favorite songs together on a self-made album deemed, Captain Courageous and the Colossal Cloud of Color. They began recording in late summer and finished in December. The album was released via SoundCloud and made available to download for free through the band’s website.
Then the summer of 2013 rolled along, this being by far the biggest summer for the band. The guys knew it was time to take their music and show what they could do live, so they booked a series of shows in the Sacramento area throughout the summer. They played at Marilyn’s, the Fox and Goose, Shine, and they got to play at the well known Boardwalk twice. Their highlight of the summer resulting in opening for the Alex Goot Tour at The boardwalk. As summer started winding down, the group decided to put out a 3 song EP. Including 3 new songs from that summer that the band had all collaborated on together. This EP, released on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon, really showcases how far the band has come in terms of finding their sound and style musically. The group has recently released another three song EP entitled News Report EP. This EP is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other music sites. After the band’s successful summer of 2013 in Sacramento, the following summer of 2014 brings new a bigger things for the group. The band will spend the Summer of 2014 in Los Angeles playing a plethora of shows in the area. Stay tuned for a show schedule! [+]
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