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Cannabis Wave[2]  is a community of people who know about Cannabis and people who want to know more about how Cannabis is used in spiritual, medical and social settings. 


Feeling trapped? Does the world seem to be pushing? Does anyone care? Join the Cannabis Wave community.


These are hard times. Search for answers and a way out of that trapped feeling, Get the support of a caring community. 


Cannabis Wave is a community of people who know how it feels. Cannabis Wave can help deal with the stresses of life. Feelings of frustration and anger don't have to control life. Cannabis Wave is a key to open the door and help the situation. Cannabis Wave guides people on the path to freedom from the tyranny of negativity.


Cannabis Wave is a community of people who know about Cannabis. Cannabis Wave cultivates a cooperative spirit and shared experiences... Discuss the medical uses of Cannabis and provide assistance to patients who are using it... Open the door to creative insight with Cannabis... Enable a new paradigm where Cannabis is no longer demonized. Cannabis Wave recognizes the sacredness of the Cannabis plant. 


Cannabis Wave members[3]  have access to doctors, nurses, and other patients who know about the treatment of PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, autism. 


Cannabis Wave members connect with people who are personal guides. 


Cannabis Wave members  have access to the Job Exchange.  Advertise a cannabis-friendly business and find cannabis friendly workers. Job hunters can find places to work where their cannabis use is not an issue. 


Cannabis Wave members qualify for discounts at participating Cannabis retail stores. 


The Cannabis Wave network helps restore the ability to be healthy and helps dealing with stress. 


Cannabis Wave has events to teach about self-control, awareness, communication, stress management, cooperation and letting go of fear. 


Everyone has a voice and common interest in the new Cannabis arena. But so many questions go un-answered. The cloak of illusion is a strong fabric which can be raised if everyone understands the real truth. 


That's exactly why the Cannabis Wave forum was created. To tell the truth with integrity and honor. To know the Cannabis history, the political agenda. The awe-inspiring magic of the plant itself. 

Ride the Wave together. Welcome.




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