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Busta Brown

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Jermaine Dion Hawkins also known as "Busta

Brown" was Born November 7th and raised in Miami, FL with two brothers, three sisters and

one mother. Busta's Dad Jerry Lee Hawkins Sr. died late October 1987 of the sexually

transmitted disease known as HIV, when he was at the age (3) three. Being left fatherless

and only his siblings and peers to look for direction with life, he began to find a path with

music and entertaining even in the rough neighborhood. Busta first started watching Casey

Kasem, who was the host for the 80's music show "AMERICA'S TOP 10" and television

legend Don Cornelius who was the host of "SOUL TRAIN". These two guys didn't make

music, but they knew a lot about it, which made Busta want to know more about music. The

two shows came on every saturday morning and busta usually watched the shows with his

older sister Taneka, who inspired him to dance as she did. Busta soon began to favor

Recording Artists such as Michael Jackson, Big Daddy Kane, Rob Base & Dj E Z Rock, Kool

Moe D, Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick and everybody's favorite Kid N Play. Being intrigued by

these stars He later began practicing what he saw every saturday on tv which led him to start

performing at the age (8) eight with a church group in liberty city called youth in action.

After receiving big shouts and heavy applause from the crowds at church him and his group

of young stars performed for Busta wanted to venture outside of the church life and see what

the new world of hip hop was really all about. The early 90's began to come about which

meant change everywhere including the music that Busta listened to. There was a group of

nine guys out of New York that called themselves the "Wu Tang Clan", this group of poetic

artist grasped Busta music interest not with the music they made but how they made it and

presented it with style & real life situations. Busta began to carry a walkman everywhere with

him which was known as a cassette player at the time and valued friendship to anyone who

listened to music. One friend who Busta became close with was child hood friend Karega

Tucker also known as "Chewy". Chewy was from Brooklyn, NY and shared the same interest

for the Hip hop group "Wu Tang Clan", but being from brooklyn Busta's good friend

introduced him to a new local Rapper by the name of Jay Z who rapped alongside of the

great Notorious Big and thats when Busta wrote his first rhyme. by the 7th grade Busta

started rapping and went by the name "Kid Infamous", always involved in sports such as

football and track & field, Busta wasn't able to play these sports the organized way due to

many reason either his mom didn't have the money for him to participate or he was just to

small. The year was 1998 and it was Christmas Busta didn't expect much for the holidays , but

was surprised when his mom got him a karaoke machine. Not only did it boost Busta 's

Motivation but it let him know that his mom was paying attention to the creativity he was

trying to cook up. As Time passed so did Busta's urge to make music, He started highschool

and finally started playing sports. Though never leaving the world of music, and taking the

role as a athlete Busta still stayed close to early morning cyphers that took place in the

morning on the basketball court or in the lunch spill out during lunch time. Others new he

played sports and a lot new him for his mannish lyrical mouth which made others amused

and asked Busta to ghost write for them which landed him in a cypher with Ruff Ryders

"JIN" who told the young star he should be making hits instead of touchdowns. 2002 Busta

was Awarded a Scholarship to play college football his senior year of high school, but due to

low HSCT scores his scholarship was revoked. Busta later moved Back home in November

2002 after an upsetting football dream disaster, early 2003 received his G.E.D. at Lindsay

Hopkins Tech. Pursuing with life 2004 Busta began to move back to the entertainment

world and took His position as a Recording Artist were he started his very own record label

FLY BOY MUSC GROUP™. Taking a new scholarship offer by the University of Florida

for Track & Field, Busta later told his track coach and other family members that he'd be putting

sports down and picking music up. A lot disagreed , but his thought was music wont let me

down like football and track. 2006 Busta met D Walk who was a great club promoter, he

promoted so good that it landed him a job booking shows for Plies & Big Gates Records™.

That also gave Busta an opportunity as a Recording Artist, he began being the show opener

for Plies until the artist and his entourage got in trouble early 2007. Busta was very

disappointed about what happened to plies, but knew he had to move on. Busta's next big

break came with getting his music played on the radio which shocked not only him but

peers who said it couldn't be done. Next Busta was asked to join the Hustlenomics Tour

with Recording Artists Young Joc and Goriila Zoe. Seeing things picking up Busta was eager

to get in front of a major records label and get signed, but that came with blood, sweat &

tears. Busta & his Manager at the time were screwed out of $3,000 due dealing with a bad

talent agent. Busta was shocked but that day he'd never forget as his 1st encounter with a

scammer in the Entertainment Business. Seeking new management and sound Busta moved

back to miami and was offered a Recording Art scholarship from Full Sail University by a

talent scout. Busta took the offer and was a great standout in the orlando area were he

released to projects JUST 4 YA'LL VOL. 1 & T.G.I.F (Thank God Im Fly). The (2) projects

placed him in good standards with orlando natives and great respect from peers at home in

miami and everywhere else. March 4, 2013 , he had his first child and named her "Sehven",

which he defined her name as "Complete" which gave him motivation to release the highly

anticipated project #TOOK4GRANTED. Today Busta is fearless in his approach to the

entertainment world which is the reason no other artist will be able to recreate his sound, he

spawned countless loosely associated acts with his energy and charisma. When asked what

inspired him the most on his journey to become the great recording artist he is today , he

answered "himself" followed by "he was took for granted".

EMAIL: [email protected]
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