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Formed in 2011, Bumpstreet Fonanza is quickly gaining notoriety as a fresh new sound that is sometimes unexpected of their native El Paso, Texas. With Juan Tarin on bass, Tomas Tinajero on drums, Giovanni Lauretano on synth's, Nathan Gomez on guitar, and Ivan Mendoza on vocals, the group has become a fan go to in the local scene. The combined hints of heavy-pop, classic fusion, post-rock, prog&funk;, art/disco-punk, early emo, and dancy synth-pop having a cross cultural, bilingual, Latin/Spanish influence all transpire, and help articulate a dreamy neo-alternative, retro-rock sound. Being good homies and family types, having a good time, taking care of one another, and working day jobs are all life duties for every member.
The music Bumpstreet Fonanza makes represents the loose, and loving way of El Paso life. Each members connection and attachment to their roots and interests are showcased within the context of their sounds, rhythms, and lyrics. Created originally as a four piece instrumental band, they later re-grouped and began recording and performing with vocals. All members were in different styles of groups prior to Bumpstreet, each now bringing their own unique, and different element to the table. Their first self-titled instrumental release was in June of 2013, a four song, witty, pop-rock collection. Later that year was the release of their second EP "Fragments", a five song dreamy, 80's throwback synth-rock ensemble. Holding various combined interests and passions, they continue to move forward, create new music, and make new fans. [+]
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