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Pronounced like 'buddies'

Poets - Producers - Entrepreneurs- Universal Scholars

Bud-Ez sprouted forth in 2006 from within the minds of Jeremy "J-Dubbz/GRim Logic" Walker and Trey "TraeSoul/X-Caliber" Thompson. This alliance started out as a casual meeting through a mutual friend, but at this point in time when their paths crossed, these two youngsters were 18 and traveling down the wrong roads, choosing destructive lifestyles with excessive drugs and alcohol. This attitude and the decisions that they were making soon changed. The catalyst for this shift in enlightenment is attributed to the energy gathered while on a psychedelic journey, and the bond that was forged within its essence. After a cleansing of mind body and soul, Bud-Ez released their first self produced album "The Seed" in 2007, and the rest are high stories...
From recording in egg carton laced closets to multi million dollar studios, from open mics to sold out shows, from rocking independent tours to rocking with industry artists, Bud-Ez is on an never ending journey through the cosmos pulsating positive vibes and opening minds. Bud-Ez relay their views, passions, and struggles through music, in hopes to show no matter what your past and your elemental boundaries, there are no boundaries and your future is up to you to create and make conscious connections with. We are all souls experiencing reality as humans. We are all one. We are family. We are friends. We are Bud-Ez.
Bud-Ez continues to grow into new forms, and 2015 brings the creation of Bud-Ez & The TriChomes. This new element will bring about a leap in evolutionary progress and musical development unheard of from this group fusion.
So turn off the tv and tune out of the Matrix, live love life, drop beats and be EZ [+]
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