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Originally from Flagstaff, AZ., Brothers Gow is currently based out of San Diego, CA. Borrowing from a massive cache of influences, this funk-rock-improv sextet relies on thoughtful lyrics, deep grooves, and improvisational tact that allows them creative freedom during their live performance. Having acquired over 30,000 miles on their tour van since 2007, BG has also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Delta Nove, B-Side Players, Badfish, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Blue Turtle Seduction, Eric McFadden Trio, to name a few.

The music has been birthed from all manner of genres: the riff rock style of The Allman Brothers, heavy overtones like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and grooves from old funk to thrash to jazz. Really, it’s the result of each individuals own obsession with the exploration of the musical experience. Years of study, rehearsal, and gigging have brought BG into the tour circuit with a lot to prove but even more to offer.

Focusing on the overall concert experience, BG has also made it a priority to implement their own custom built light show. Their sixth member, Matt Collier, brings his own artistic nuance to add to the overall dynamic of the concert experience. With a three tier intelligent lighting rig and advanced software, Collier uses texture and movement to create a truly dynamic and engaging light show. This style of live and interactive lighting brings an incredible energy for the band and listener to latch onto.

After touring extensively throughout the West Coast over the last 5 years, a new chapter begins. Since relocating to Ocean Beach in the summer of 2012, Brothers Gow has evolved into a new musical and existential condition. Life has unfolded and revealed a new path; and a new story. This new awareness has brought a renewed focus to their craft and lives. Brothers Gow is a commitment to life, relationships, experience and the music that brought them together in the first place.

As 2012 nears its end, the future of Brothers Gow is just beginning. The band will be touring relentlessly across the west coast and southwest over the next 6 months, working hard to gel and form their identity. Also on the radar is their first full length album, which is expected to be released in the Spring of 2013. [+]
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