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Born Originally at the Southsuburban Hospital in Illinois On March 24th, 1995. I, Brennen Edward Burleson, A Local Lyricist/Musician from Northwest Indiana. Am Known for My NEW STYLE and COMPLETELY CLEAN Lyrics, & Ive Found My Sound After Years of Genres, Name Changes, and Mindsets.

NOW STARTING, Raised with MOM: Oldies and Club/Dance Music & DAD: Rock, Hardrock, Metal. & Influenced By RYAN: Rap, Rock, Punk. ALONG THE LINES OF Motley Crue, Eminem, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Kid Rock, & Luda! With That being Said, One Of My Biggest Musical and Just In General Inspirations In My Life ( ALONG WITH MY MOTHER & FATHER) is My Older Brother Ryan, In his Middle school years, (I was in Elementary) He started getting into Rapping, Writing, & Etc. Then I would help him write, and Then Started Writing Some Of My Own, We Wrote Together We Rapped Together, and Developed the Skill Of Freestyling back then. (UPSTAIRS BATH ROOM WITH THE DESK) Ryan, Knows what Im Talking about. Well, Anyways Ryan started getting better, and realized he wanted to take a shot and see what he could do about Recording & Thats when our Life-Long Friend came into Play, Danny Allen AKA YUNGSTA, THE YUNGSTA. Local Rapper from Laporte who decided to give Ryan that chance, Ryan went and Recorded & MADE BANGING, CRAZY, INSANE, CRUNK Music, Under the name of The Chosen One. The Christmas of that Year we asked for Music/Recording Equipment. & THATS WHAT WE GOT! An Alesis Drum Machine, Sometype of 4 Track Tape Recorder, and Our First MXC Condenser Mic, Stand, & Pop Filter. The Next time we hit the studio(RAW BASEMENT HOME STUDIO), ME (Under the Name of Yung Beatz, RYAN, The Chosen One, & DANNY Yungsta) Started recording Together, I REMEMBER IT LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY, I was Making Beats on the Drum machine, and Danny was Impressed, I Was 8yrs Old In Love with 808's! But Yungsta was Recording a Song called Knick Knack, & IT WAS AMAZING, Our Crew was Called Fatal Mob, So he wanted everyone in the Song, In SOME SORT OF WAY, He handed me Headphones, Told me to Step to the Mic, and Just Go Over What He already Recorded (Ad-Libbing) I LOVED IT & THAT FEELING NEVER STOPS, Even Til This Day. Danny became Busy, and Tended to get in Trouble, THE MOVEMENT THEN WAS FREE YUNGSTA!

Then Ryan Just stopped Making & Writing Music, He wanted to do Teenager stuff, Friends, Parties, Etc. Thats where My Start came, Me being still young enough where I couldn't hang with Ryan & the Big Boys, I would stay home & Write ofcourse under the Name of Yung Beatz (GIVEN TO ME BY THE BIG HOMIE YUNGSTA) I never told anybody and kept them to myself, Hid the notebooks and Everything. I went out the FYE when it still existed in the Marquette Mall and bought my first few rap cds. (Bone Thugs N Harmony - 2 Disc Greatest Hits, Best of NWA: The Strength of Street Knowledge, Tupac - The Tupac Resurrection Movie Soundtrack) Then One day I approached Ryan with something that I had been working on, He really liked it, and was surprised I Kept Going, After all this time he had stopped, I at that time was in 4th Grade at Coolspring Elementary, THAT WAS THE FIRST PLACE WHERE I EVER PUBLICLY RAPPED, I ALSO Remember that Like it was Yesterday, It Was Dr. Suess Day, In the Lunch Room We had Green Eggs & Ham, & THEY SHUT OFF THE LIGHTS, & TURNED ON A SPOTLIGHT & ME BEING THE YOUNGER BROTHER OF A RAPPER, BOOM! Spotlight Stops on Me, LIGHTS TURN ON I START RAPPING, "Standing In The Spotlight and Its My Time to Shine, I Only have 5 Words, Your. Just. Wasting. My. Time."
THE LUNCH ROOM EXPLODED WITH APPLAUSE, Friends at my Table gave me High Fives, Pats on The Back, & Said they liked it, & I Had NO FEAR.

This Is Titled what it is because this is when I had to leave my 2013 Class at Coolspring the First day of 5th Grade, I said my Goodbyes, Some thought I wasn't Serious... I had 2 First Days that Year, One at Coolspring to Say Goodbyes, & Then My New Beginning, Westville Schools. Ryan started as the New Kid & A Freshmen, I came in as the new kid in 5th Grade, I instantly made Friends, I opened up more to these new people, and Started Rapping at Recess for Groups of People. Now that I Remember, No one would Battle/Let alone rap with me, So Since then Ive Been Raps Reigning Champ at that School. ANYWAYS, I started writing a lot more, developed wordplay and was Rapping about Stuff I didnt even Know I WAS SAYING, Just because the artists back in the Day said it, and It was Commonly said, along lines from EMINEM (THE GOAT) 50 Cent/G-Unit, T.I. Chamillionaire, Brotha Lynch Hung, Tech N9ne, to Name a Few. SO Starting that year Yungbeatz started learning how to work a Home Studio, So when no one was home/Ryan Gone. I would record, write, and learn the basics through the Recording Program Audacity. At the end of that School Year, I kept in Contact with a Few Friends from Coolspring, and I Missed Them and just wanted to see Everyone Else, I went and seen them at their 5th Grade Graduation, Some were happy to see me, and some forgot who I was, acted like I Never Existed, or Even that we grew up Together. I started realizing life that Quick. I was Hurt, But I took it to the Note Book (MIGHT I MENTION, PENCIL ONLY) Then while my friends from Coolspring went on to Middle School Life, Westville Still has 6th as Elementary, So Recess again, Rapping A Lot More, Along with Songs I PERSONALLY Recorded for Friends, and Parties, So we could play it, Dance, and I would Rap it, and See what people Thought.

Now, In 7th Grade. People know Me & Ryan as the Rappers and Dancers of Westville. Ryan kinda picked up writing and making music again out in Westville, and Ive just still been kinda Quietly doing my thing, and just been working on Myself. Rapping still in school But NOT as much... iThink, I was just trying to Remember my LOCKER COMBOS LET ALONE RAPS.
I Literally called My Middle Schools Years, MY HELL YEARS.
Well, Schoolwise. This is when Me & My Brother got into Psychopathic Records, and Started Making Juggalo Music, & Listening to it A LOT MORE. I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS, Twiztid, Anybody Killa, The Garcia Brothers (FORMERLY THE AXE MURDER BOYZ) & Dj Clay ARE & FOREVER WILL BE AMAZING. I Changed my Sound & Rapped under the name of Yung Juggalo. (STILL KEEPING YUNG FROM YUNGSTA GIVING THE ORIGINAL NAME YUNG BEATZ)
Those days, I was Recording, & Writing SO MUCH IT WAS RIDICULOUS!
& At the End of those Middle School Years, I LITERALLY COULD HAVE RELEASED A YUNG JUGGALO ALBUM. I had the Artwork, The Songs & Had Features! My Brother, Another Local Rapper Killa K, MIDLAND TEXAS'S OWN Babyflesh (RIP BIG HOMIE), & Crazy J on One of My BEST Old Yung Juggalo Songs. CTH Remix (Crank That Horrorcore Remix) Even I started Chopping and Screwing and Made a REMIX album to the one I made Wikid & Twiztid. WE RELEASED THESE SONGS, AND SUCH ON MYSPACE AND HAD WORD BUZZIN, I Loved It. Those years I also got into Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore, The Locals of the Time, and Ended up getting a Red Cherry Wood Washburn WI-14 Electric Guitar for my Birthday.
I Actually got a set of NewSound Dual Disc Turntables(STILL HAVE THEM NOW), and Started DJing Under the Name (DJ Double B's) Because I LOVED THE WHOLE ATMOSPHERE, PEOPLE, ENERGY, DANCING, SHARING NEW MUSIC TO PEOPLE & JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I brought Those Turntables, My Guitar Amp I got with the Guitar Earlier, Then Upgraded to a PUNCH 10 In. Car Speaker Speaker and started BANGING these Parties, I Never wanted to get paid, I just wanted to do it for Fun, and Make Memories, thats How I am About Preforming these days now too. ANYWAYS I did 1 Party/Show as Yung Juggalo, and No One really knew what was going on, Some people were rocking with me, and I Actually got Paid, I still keep in contact with those People. Along with YUNGSTA, we started talking I sent him some Music as the Yung Juggalo, He said He Liked What He Heard and Wanted to see If I was gonna be Ready to Record, HIS OPINION MEANS EVERYTHING. That Summer, SICKOLOGY 101 CAME OUT, CHANGED MY LIFE. Lyrically Insane Ideals, Starting Coming About, ALONG with a New Flow, & New Style.

Freshmen Year, First Day. WOW THIS IS GONNA BE EASY. & Thats how its been Every Year, IM A SENIOR NOW! (STILL AT WESTVILLE) Well, IN BETWEEN THESE PAST FEW YEARS, Shows and Friendships of Tony (T) Jimmy, Mason (STEVE O DONNEL), NATE(VOCALIST AND GUITARIST OF PATIENT ZERO) Also DEADMICS & THE RAI LAZERC, GUARDIANS, & ATHEL. Some I Met from the Game Emporium Concerts BUT MOST At The Whorehouse ( The Hollow Ground Music Venue) All Summer We were there booking shows, I would Rap, bands would Play, Cops were Called. YA KNOW! At the HOLLOWGROUND is Where we did Internet Webcast Shows of Whoever was playing on UStream & That Summer I Recorded MOST of My Lyrically Insane videos on My Channel The Talking with YUNGSTA increased and then it became official. We went back to the same Basement, Everything instantly came back to me, The Memories, The Music, The Goodtimes.I WAS COMFORTABLE, I WAS HOME. Opened up my Notebooks, and Started Rapping to My Musical Idol.
HIS MIND WAS BLOWN, He was Proud. That Day/Night/Day We Recorded Songs Under the name Tripzone Mafia. THEY GOT KNOWN LOCALLY AND THEY ARE TITLED. THEY AINT READY, CUM OVER HERE, I GOT THAT, & UNLEASH THE BEAST (WHICH STILL ISNT FINISHED). Then Entering the Beginning of Junior Year, I had the AMAZING OPPORTUNITY THANKS TO THE WALKERS FOR Letting Me Preform a Setlist at My Highschool to Raise Money for our Basketball Team. I Design & Order the FIRST LYRICALLY INSANE SHIRT, WHAT IM KNOW FOR, I typed out ALL of My Lyrics, CLEANED Everything thing up, and Got Approved, I Rehearsed, & Rehearsed then It was soon Showtime, I MOB Up with The Crew Get Ready, Sound Check, Mic Check, THE BEAT PLAYED, Goose Bumps grew on My Skin & The First song I Preformed at That Show was My Remake of a Song that I call "WAYYY ABOVE IT." & Before that song even Ended, THE CREW! Rushed the Stage!
ITS ON YOUTUBE WATCH MY VIDEOS, and After that We Celebrated a Successful Show, My Manager Ray From New Jersey came down, to Help Support the Lyrically Insane Cause and Give Me Input & To Invest. I Got A Wireless Mic, and Went to Mishawaka Flocka to GET MY P.A. & Amp (BALLS IN THE CUP) Then Currently He was there for what Soon Came to be My Series of BACK2BACKSHOWS. ONE AT ONCE CALLED PLACE STONY GARDENS, IT WAS AMAZING. & THE FIRST TIME SO FAR MY MUSIC WAS SCRATCHED BY THEIR DJ THAT NIGHT WHILE PREFORMING, It. Was. An. Amazing. Night. THEN THE NEXT DAY JIMMY & T (From the HOLLOWGROUND) Got Me Booked for the YMCA'S ZOMBIE PROM, Which Happened to be Visited By a Reporter for the Herald Argus Newspaper. He watched My Set, We Talked to him, Gave him some information, He Called that Week, We Met Up at the Agency, I gave him the Interview, It was Filmed. (WHICH I STILL HAVENT RELEASED) Then, BOOM MY DISPLAY PICTURE. The Picture they took in their Photography Room, Which was also in the Newspaper, We Left. A Week Later... They Call, & TELL ME IM GOING TO BE DEC. 6th 2011's FRONT PAGE. WE GO THE GAS STATION & BOOM THERE I AM FRONT PAGE! LYRICALLY INSANE BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Not too Long After, Chicago Hiphop & Rap Radio Station 92.3 POWER 92, Came to town, I heard about it... WENT THERE, Seen the whole setup (AT THE AARONS IN MICHIGAN CITY) Went and seen what was all Going On, and Its a Raffle, Me and like 5 Other people start spinning this Wheel with Tickets on it (TICKETS FOR THE CHICAGO CONCERT OF WATCH THE THRONE JAY-Z & KAYNE) Well, Long story short, After us all spinning about 4-5 Times, BOOM! I LAND ON THE TICKETS, I Win! My Reaction, "I Won?" Then Instantly they started Playing the Gucci Gucci Beat by Kreyshawn, So Me Being Me. I STARTED RAPPING, ON THE SPOT & WENT HAM, THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHAT HIT THEM. They Took My Pictures, Gave Me High-Fives, & I LEFT WITH THE TICKETS VICTORIOUS. I Tried to sell the Tickets that whole week, IF YOU KNOW ME, YOU KNOW I DIDN'T WANT THE TICKETS. I Still have them, Till This Day. Hidden Away. TROPHIES. Well Since then, Ive Still Kept Writing, Rapping EVERYWHERE, Did shows at the Game Emporium (MENTIONED EARLIER) Meanwhile, I Kept The Cleanliness & RAN WITH IT, Everything FROM THEN IS NOW CLEAN, I Have My Reasons. Also, Jimmy (MENTIONED EARLIER) Decided his Promoting and all His Jimmyness is Done in the 219 He Decided he wanted to Move. He threw this HUGE Concert in June of 2012, Featuring Local acts like Me & Other Bands, then Some Bigger Acts (ALL MENTIONED EARLIER)
SO then July in that same Summer of 2012 one of my biggest moments happened! I was just contemplating possibly doing a concert at the Laporte County fair if I could. Im PRETTY sure it was Thursday. July 12, 2012. The WALKER'S once again came through for me. The ZUMBA tent (Big tent, with a stage in the middle of the fair where they had Zumba excise classes all week) Was now a dance party tent ran by the FFA. I approached Mr. Walker just to talk then realized my good friend/LITTLE BROTHER Greg aka Gucci has always had my setlist on his DROID smart phone. We talked to the DJ, no crowd really at the time but the feeling of the stage, and the lights he had set up felt like this was gonna really happen. Mr. Walker told me when to go on, We ran around the whole fair letting everyone know to go to the tent! People started filling the tent and standing outside of it. Gucci plugged his phone in I started the first 3 songs, the crowd was okay. I felt AMAZING on stage!
After the first 3 they wanted us to go around and get more people again! We ran, had people telling people, I returned into a much more darker tent in the nighttime, Could bend down slightly through the sides I could see the lights of the fair rides. It was truly BEAUTIFUL to me. Now, I return to the stage for another 5 Songs! 8 songs total for the night. Im on stage ready to start the next few songs and more and more people are coming, Im HYPE as ever & Ready to DO WHAT I DO! I begin to say over the microphone, "Everyone come to this tent." a few times, people start coming the music is back on, the crowd is booming and I begin to go into my zone, the faces, the lights, it was intoxicating to me, I drift off into this zone, where im so into performing, Im looking at all the faces and reading what they are feeling about my performance as words are FLYING out of my mouth and projected my the microphone as I CRAZILY perform as some say. It comes to the last song off my set and with this crowd, I REALLY wanted to try some crowd participation my song "219 Then All Over The Globe" is a big chant. So, it comes to what the chorus and I say it once, they I said "sing it" Instantly my energy goes to over level 5000, because the voices of MY crowd were in unison are chanting MY lyrics. Beautiful, Isn't even a word to capture the moment or the feeling. I was superhuman and could fly at that point. With that being said I felt I accomplished the crowd participation goal of mine for that show. (MY NEXT GOAL IS TO SUCCESSFULLY CROWD SURF) It ended so strongly and apparently people felt the same. Mr. Walker then did slip me a 20 dollar bill for performing. I was surprised. I accepted and was grateful. I never spent it. I have it in a lock box. That night/Early morning I got on facebook and had OVER 100+ Friend requests from the show. I felt... FAMOUS (Don't laugh) My LIKES on my Lyrically Insane facebook page kept shooting up. Soon after I hit 500! I felt I had to keep up the hype. A LOT more people are now watching me and what im doing more now than EVER!

Fall and Winter of 2012 was Me & Danny NKA (Now known as) DAZ, Daz Dirty/Daz Deertay recording a WHOLE new round of Tripzone Music! We have a library of all that music STILL unreleased. But you can go on Reverbnation to find 2 tracks we released. "It'll be alright" and "All I Ever Wanted" Not too long after we turned those 2 songs into a showcase/promo video to kind of show what we've been working on and what's to come! It was shot at my house, on top of our hill in the backyard with the leaves for "It'll Be Alright" then for "All I Ever Wanted" Were on top of my roof! It was a good time, My mom was playing the music out of her truck in both scenes. Throughout the winter of 2012, TRIPZONE bundled up in hoodies with a lil mini heater and started recording in what we called "The Labyrinth" A big polebarn! Our catalog of recordings and beats were a major plan for a TRIPZONE project, a solo of DAZ, and a SOLO of Me as well. Then it comes to Dec. 31st!
THE GREAT FAMILY OF THE WALKER'S One again helped the first live event I called "A Tripzone New Year" Me, Daz, and a CARAVAN literally of people and our equipment came to the South Haven, IN Boys & Girls Club to bring in the New Year! It was an honor. We had sound problems and actually blew our power amp and a fuse in the building. (Major Technical Difficulties) BUT, The show went on! The kids loved it! Afterwards we were given lots of markers and paper. Next the kids start forming a HUGE line, I was SPEECHLESS. Talking to the kids, Seeing what they thought, and Signing autographs on Papers, Shirts, Hands, Hats, Phones. (ALL ON VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL) It's January 2013! My last year of balancing music and school, I was a Senior! I wanted to give the "INTERNET RAP" thing a chance to try to be completely well rounded. Studio, Performing, Internet, all aspects to be the ultimate prototype. Therefore, I as well as Daz, entered the SICFUX Sickest Sixteen contest. I submitted my verse with a lyric video. A few people seen and liked what I did with it. It just felt good to try to step and get noticed in a different area. Me nor Daz were in the top submissions. BUT, We developed a friendship with a group pretty local rap group to us that did make it. Artists by the name of Non Prophetz. Then we all shortly did a show at the Game Emporium with Jimmy NKA (SHVRKS) FKA (DJ Sharkweek) back from Alabama with some fresh raps for his first rap performance! Then came on another rapper by the name of Dom Canter, I plan to contact him soon and see how his music is doing! I had my timeslot and it was good, Wireless mic and was bouncing around like I usually am. I performed my contest verse Live and everyone liked it then I continued on with my setlist. The main act of the night were the contest finalists, The Non Prophetz. They DEF. killed it, shouted me out then started their set with their contest entry verses as well, It was definitely a good time! Then shortly Me & Daz got back at recording a whole NEW Tripzone project, a idea were still currently working on, using producers tagged beats for free use to promote and give music out for free on BANGING beats from Soundclick.com we released only one that spring, Just a hype track titled "On Tha Rise" (ON YOUTUBE AND REVERBNATION) for download and to hype up the project and everything were working on! In April, My friend Mark Wright NKA (Mark Delight) hit me up on facebook to meet up and make music. THOSE ARE THE RIGHT WORDS TO SAY! We started some music projects then decided to bring the project to street perform for a whole day. It was a SUCCESSFUL Mission. Crazy enough it was the same day the prom goers of my Senior prom (I never went to any of them) went to Chicago so I saw a lot of the same kids I went to school with all over Chitown. Places we performed in Chitown (All along the Magnificent Mile, the Bean, Navy Pier, then just random streets in the city) ((THERE'S VIDEOS, BUT NOT ON MY YOUTUBE)) But of the person that filmed! (THANK YOU TO HIM!) Message me to find the where they are. Not too long after then, In school in my English class (SHOUT OUT TO THAT CLASS, YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ALL ARE) But, I opened up my notebooks and really broke down some lyrics to my class. Then, Our basketball team made it to sectionals ,and an Idea turned Rumor of a pep rally to celebrate it starting cirulating! I was able to skip through 4 hours to plan it along with the new band teacher, and other kids and faculty. I was just happy to help. Mr. Walker (MY DUDE) asks if id be interested in doing a song, I had the PERFECT song in mind. We downloaded the beat, now the gym is being filled. The pep rally is going on. Suddenly I get called to come down, the mic is now in MY HAND. Time to show the school again for this LAST time. The beat plays, I look at all the students and faculty and GOTTA do this one BIG. I chose to do an Early version of my song titled "1 Life 2 Live" I killed the first verse. It came to the chorus everyone in the bleachers were rocking with me, Especially MY CLASS OF 2013 SENIORS! It came to the 2nd verse which I wasn't too familiar with, So instantly before that beat dropped I thought of the MAIN chant of the song, So I ran around the Gym and had EVERYBODY rocking with me. That was DEF. a great moment as well! That next day, another teacher, Mr. DeVries, Gave me props in his class and shook my hand. In other words I had an amazing Senior Year at Westville High.

Before we knew it, It was Graduation. My manager flew in, My family was there, I KNEW I was leaving for New Jersey but it was a matter of WHEN. Well, only 2 days after graduation the car was packed and we began our drive from Indiana to New Jersey. It Took about 15 Hrs. The first full day of being out there we went to visit a Guitar Center and heard about this private studio being ran by Raekwon the Chef of the Wutang clan. We followed the information til it was more open to the public and sent in an email to get a tour in June. In the meantime We visited a studio and producer and agreed to try a project with them. We bought some quick equipment to just give them samples of what I would REALLY do if they wanted to FULLY take me on for the project. It was 12 song snippets of 12 songs on the 12 beats they sent to me. I knocked it all out in ONE day in a matter of hours.
I love EVERYTHING about the music making process! I also then met for the first time, My cousin D'Zasta who is an AMAZING artist, Song writer, Very musically talented. I love em to death! Not too long after that I found out I was going to be on the way to see the popular band "Fuel" Live. The venue was cool and we knew people that worked their that said for me to come back and maybe I could do something there as well. Either way, Ill be back!!! and Fuel, KILLED IT! Very glad to see them play! Then in July, I got a lil homesick and felt a beat. That became what I call a song/video titled "One Day ( Dedication to My Indiana Life)" It had a great reaction on facebook. I was very happy, A LOT of emotion honestly went into it. Writing it, Reading it over, Then making the video. (IT'S ON MY YOUTUBE) Then in August in Asbury Park, NJ. I was able to SHOW UP SO RANDOMLY at the Wonder Bar for a kids night event. Kids and Teen bands were performing. We got in and I had a set of 2 songs. It got a little later when I was finally able to go on so the kids/mainly the crowd left. I still got up there and did what I did. Some lady was looking at me SO CONFUSED. Im all around the stage like crazy with not much of an attent crowd. Her face whether she knew it or not in that moment inspired a whole song then I wrote about that situation titled "Foreign" (FACEBOOK VIDEO & IG OF THAT)But, that whole event is what gave me the ideas to do the Covers, I wrote pretty much all of them in Jersey and kept them on the back burner, knowing I could unleash them, that perfect time was the Release Party I had for the EP in May 2014! But, that song “Foreign” Later to be the first recorded track when we got an email back from Raekwon's Head Engineer at his studio, in business we call him RoadsArt. Who now is a friend of mine. In September, He agreed to take on the project fully, Contracts were made and we continued the VERY BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING Process of what came to be January 2014's Released FIRST EVER EP of mine titled "My Asylum EP" (SNIPPETS OF THE SONGS ARE VIDEOS ON MY FACEBOOK & IG) We finished the recording for the project in October. In November, I was able to go to Staten Island and meet, rap, and talk business with an official DJ of the Wutang clan and affiliates by the name of Tito. He gave me good advice, one thing that stuck especially in an independent music lane that im in right now he kept saying, "Get your music flooded!"& In all aspects I plan on doing that! Nov. 5th comes out, and it's Groundhogs Day, The GOAT pokes his head out and releases the MMLP2, I posted a big long review about it. To sum it up, I LOVED IT. I got MAJORLY Inspired by the album, and began to write like the wind again. That album and the Horseshoe Gang is what I REALLY listen to the MOST! #TEAMSHADY

In just a few days, Nov. 8th it was time to go home back to the 219! I was up at 4 in the morning, and left for LaGuardia Airport in New York. Fast forward a couple hours of listening to the MMLP2 on the plane and I land in O'Hare air port in Chicago (I liked New York's airport better...) I then thought I was going to take a train back to Michigan City, IN. Well, I got down to baggage claim and to my surprise I see this guy with a paper sign, It reads "LYRICALLY INSANE" I say whaaaaaaaaat?!? My family surprised me with car service. He took my bags, I was VERY relieved. We walked through to the service elevator, he packed the bags, opened my door, then we hit the road. (ALL OF THIS IS ON MY FACEBOOK & IG) What an experience! Skipping forward a few days, RoadsArt came through with the FINAL VERSIONS of the songs for the EP just in time, For my Welcome Home Party of Nov. 17th AKA forever NKA MY SECOND BIRTHDAY! Recently Ive stayed in touch with members of one of my FAVORITE RAP GROUPS TO DATE, The Horseshoe Gang. Now, I REALLY feel the story of "MY ASYLUM EP" is too long and to continue to be bigger so sometime I DEF. hope to continue it to a full length LP and Feature The Horseshoe Gang! Working towards those goals as we SPEAK! Now on December 3rd, RoadsArt sent me the officially art for the "My Asylum EP" ALONG WITH THE "MY ASYLUM EP COMING SOON" PICTURE IS PROUDLY BEING ALL OUT THERE AND IN YO FACEEEEEEE! Well, I CANNOT WAIT for the world to see! I opened the files as I was at the newly built and formed Tripzone Studio! (PICS on Fb & Ig ofcourse) We are going to continue the free recording project (Me & Daz) and going to release a SONG a week, or More. TO HYPE UP THE "MY ASYLUM EP" EVEN MORE! So, With the words of wisdom from Tito, IT'S TIME TO FLOOD YALL!

(2014 EP Release AKA Indiana Takeover In Progress)
I then started blowing up Facebook with my Promo Pics. Got people very excited about the release! I released the artwork on the actual hard copy and the Sampler out on my YouTube on the day before I officially announced it all on 1/11/14 at 2:19 AM! We set up things through PayPal and Band Camp for people to get digital versions. A few people DID buy but then I had to take down that option on my bandcamp due to legal problems with the whole, "Lyrically Insane" thing... We met with a lawyer who handled copyright cases and to avoid problems, Bandcamp and the Lyrically Insane facebook which had over 1000 likes were taken down. BUT, It is okay! All is fair, They own the .com
Other than that, Artist wise, fans, buzz, Im more than they will EVER be. But, LI219 is legally mine and Im just Brennen Burleson. Anyways, with releasing the EP online and everything on 1/11/14 I celebrated with a FULL live performance of the EP with some added bloopers from Me, my brother Ryan, and our dad! It's Hilarious! Not too long after, I found out the very popular underground music site, Faygoluvers went into action on actually posting the EP as well as "The Truth" from the EP to be their song of the week! My first time getting recognition like that! Great exposure for the project! So I continue to post it, It's a great thing! Just in March for my 19th Birthday in John's Pass Florida, I bought my present being a Globe Blazer Complete all floral, Well anyways practically first day we had decent weather, I took it down a hill for my first time and turned the footage into a Promo Video for "1 Life 2 Live" from the EP!
Well, Throughout all the time I was in New Jersey and whatnot Matt from the Herald Argus who did my 2011 story stayed in contact and wanted to do a story over the Release of the EP, So a few weeks ago at the time, We went again to the agency, We filmed practically the whole thing and EVEN used the 2011 Unseen footage I talked about awhile ago somewhere up there! The video is on my YouTube! Then with some of the footage from the interview talking specifically about "The Truth" I did another Promo Video! (Also on my YouTube)
Not too long after, I was able to get 3 Shows in a row!
Thursday, with my good friend Mark Wright, at Valpo's front Porch Music. They loved us and invited us back! Friday, Michigan City at the Main Street Theater, SO much talent including my other good buddy James Neary! I performed there and once again they turned out to love it, Invite me back, and give me nothing but compliments! Great Moments. Then, 3rd Show being Saturday, I did full set and more at the La Porte Game Emporium for Goat Fest and it was amazing! I sold EPs throughout those shows, I was glad for people to get the EP in their hands! Then, That next Thursday, My article came out front page of the Herald Argus. Amazing story and pictures. I performed at Front Porch Music in Valpo again that Thursday and sold another EP. Then, That Saturday night, I was very luckily able to perform at the Open Mic hosted by James Neary at the Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, Michigan! Definitely that was my biggest venue, But once again, No fear. I was VERY excited. It turned out that I was the first rapper to ever perform and KILL IT there! It was amazing and I got some crowd participation on "1 Life 2 Live" It only amped me more, the applause was amazing. I got a lot of compliments as well as sold some more of the EPs! Now, that Monday, I also got the front page of the News Dispatch in Michigan City! Just continuing to put my face EVERYWHERE possible! I got Lots of shows and opportunities coming and im taking them head on! I said in the interview video, "Indiana Takeover" ... It's in progress! So far, I wanted to start strong by releasing a FREE song and teasing for a whole new free project that I’ll have in the works with Trap Hype Beats. I released the song titled “Unreal” on Easter, I decided to make it free and release because I know I need more free music and I’m learning to do more production things so I’m learning to mix and you all are with me through the process! But on a live note tip, I’ve also been able to play another venue in Michigan City that is called Raindance Music, they are an awesome little spot for your local musician needs, and are great people, along with all that… They also now sell the My Asylum EP there as well!!! Tell em I sent ya and GO GET IT!
Also at that concert I had 2 BIG announcements!
One was that I had my date confirmed for the Official Release Party of the My Asylum EP and the other was that Sucker For Love off the My Asylum EP was going to be played on the biggest Australian internet radio called The Underground, It was a big night with lots of exciting things to look forward to and lots of work to be done! That Sunday night, I plugged in my PA all night and when it came closer to my song being played we hooked it up to our big screen TV and I have a video, Then the DJ’s who are really cool might I add said my name and the song title, The song came on and I got the chills. It was so awesome of them to like my song that much to want play it. It was an amazing moment! Not too long came all the weeks of preparation for the Release Party! Consisting, the 3 HOURS of music I rehearsed, performed, and perfected, getting t-shirts made, promoting, and everything else.

(The My Asylum EP Release Party/Lyrically Insane is DEAD /New Studio)
May 31st came upon us quickly, we had all sorts of surprises, T-shirts, posters, a raffle, and the unleashing my arsenal of music for 3 Hours! I did a lot of rehearsing myself and came to the Mainstreet Theatre to be there to help with my stage setting and the lights. Other than that…
We get there early, Set everything up, People start filling the Theatre.
Friends, Family, Familiar & Unfamilar faces.
I’m behind the stage, later to emerge to welcome everybody and tell them about the night while in all black, and then I did a Rose Ceremony before the show really started.
I thanked the crowd, the theatre went black, I changed into my first outfit of the night, the crowd not suspecting it’s a night to kill Lyrically Insane once and for all. (Later to be announced that night)
I change into the old L.I. gear and run upstairs around the venue to pop up behind my crowd to start the first song of the 2011 L.I. Era titled “Way Above It” while a heartbeat sound effect is going with the lights to pump everybody up!
You then hear my voice!
One spot light came down the middle of the Theatre, I bust through the doors everyone turns around, I emerge walking through the theatre and my crowd, with my wireless microphone performing, It was SO unexpected, It was awesome! I rocked out the 2011 songs, people knew the lyrics, and I so sick of those songs, It was time to kill them with the people that were there for the EP Release. The goal was to take them back even if you were or weren’t there at the time and show the progress and how much I’ve grown. After that first set, I jump into the 2012-2013 songs consisting of more Trip Zone music along with an outfit change. Towards the end of that set I used my secret weapon of the covers. I got so much crowd participation and everyone loved what I did with the songs! I seen people dancing, and singing the original lyrics, we all had a blast. Then following my timeline of music and performing 2013 to beginning of 2014 I announced the reason why we all gathered on this night, With an outfit change of one of the new T-shirt designs and got applause, then I started the set list for The MY ASYLUM EP!
I performed the tracks off of that and it was great to see people really rocking out and knowing the songs, It was an amazing feeling! We decided it was raffle time, Someone got an EP, another got a shirt, and another got a gift card, we were all winners that night!
It’s not just about me, but the support and love from the people for all these years!
It became to emerge on stage once again for another set!
This time had my older brother do pretty much his FIRST live performance with me, and he KILLED IT!
We did a special song together called “Stereo or Mono”
The crowd thought it was real cool of the two brothers to be on stage rapping together, it was an awesome feeling as well! My first time meeting the producer of “Unreal” was that night as well, I performed 2 songs I have on his beats and brought him onstage to announce we are going to have a project coming out with the two songs and more and I had him be my hypeman for our songs. A lot of elements and big events happened that night! Along with me doing ONE more BIG set of songs to end the night, I performed all brand new songs off a project that has been in the making for years! It will be the project that will finally release a version of “All I Ever Wanted” It is ALL Trip Zone made!
Then the big song to end the magical night was a crowd favorite since 2011, “219 Then All Over The Globe!”
We ended it RIGHT!
The crowd participation SO on point, they stood for this whole song.
I announced Lyrically Insane was dead, that there is/never was a gimmick, no rap cloak in my music or behind my lyrics; I am just me, Brennen Burleson. Then towards the end of the song I had my brother bring up all the shirt designs we had for sale that night, and after my major verses were over. I fell to the floor on purpose and just laid there in the moment and people were clapping. I thanked them, and I looked up and seen everyone was still standing, and the song was going to transition back into the chorus again, so I got up all quick like and went crazy, did the chant and then left the stage to have people take the mic and say “219 Then All Over The Globe” while shaking hands and giving hugs to all who were there that witnessed me perform for practically 3 hours straight. It meant a lot to me, It got late and people had to leave I completely understand. I thank everyone that was there that night. That next week after it was open mic at the same theatre, they still had my lights and stage setup. So, when it came time for my performance, we rocked out to an EP track then I did the sound man’s favorite cover of mine being “House of the Rising Sun” The crowd that night loved it. I appreciated all his work and all his help on everything of the Release Party so I dedicated that song to him and rocked it out! Then my good buddy James Neary gave me the idea of actually recording the covers. The first chance I could work with a microphone I did it. July 7th, I released a project of 7 FREE COVERS! Hence why I called it 777 the Jackpot. It’s a 7 FREE SONGS released on 7/7. But, I stayed up a full 12 hours recording, mixing, getting the artwork from DRIP then releasing it. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on it and I plan to shoot some videos for the project! With the money from the EP sales, also the release party, and saving in general slowly over the past few months I’ve been building what’s soon to be my dream studio! Musically now with pretty much 24/7 recording access I’ve been linking up musically with more of the local talent and bands. Consisting of Nathan Thomas, James Neary, Johnny Partain, For The Record, The Sure. KEEP your eyes PEELED, Believe Me!
Along with linking all these awesome locals, I do plan to release another few projects this year. The LONG awaited Trip Zone produced album, The DRIP sponsored project with Trap Hype Beats, and maybe a project of all the locals collabing? or a mixtape of Trip Zone? Or just Me?!?! WHO KNOWS JUST YET! Just recently I’ve picked up my guitar that I mentioned A WHILE ago and I’ve been actually learning, I’m very excited to see what comes from all this. Next week is my Headlining show alongside James Neary at Flashstock!
We JUST MIGHT have a surprise for you all!
Just know, I will be returning to New Jersey In 2015 to Follow Through and CONTINUE the My Asylum EP to the full Length LP alongside the RULER OF ALL AUDIO AND DESIGNS, Roads Art!!!
I hope you’re all caught up!
Get ready for everything to come.
Free Music, Music Videos, and WHO KNOWS WHAT.
Follow the story and let’s find out.
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