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Brelynne 'Breezy' Otteson is a resident of Eureka, Utah​. [4]​ [1]​ [8]

Brelynne 'Breezy' Otteson

Personal Life

She is in a relationship with Riley Powell​. [1]​ [4]​ [8]


On January 2, 2018, Otteson and Powell were reported missing. The couple were last heard from on December 30, 2017, when they left Tooele, Utah​ to go home to Eureka. [4]​ [3]​ [8]


They had planned to stop in Spanish Fork as well. [4]​ [3]​ On January 11, 2018, the Jeep they were driving was found by the Department of Public Safety, Juab County Deputies, and with the involvement of Civil Air Patrol. [8]​ [4]


It was located one mile south of Cherry Creek Reservoir on a road, hidden in trees. The vehicle has two flat tires and all of the windows were down. [8]​ [4]​ The couple were not found. [8][3]


There are no signs of foul play​ at this time. [8]​ [4]


Breezy Otteson and her friend Riley Powell had been reported missing since January 2nd of 2018. [1]​ She was last seen on December 30th of 2017, possibly in a Red Chevorlet. [1]​​


Police fear that the missing teenage couple, whose abandoned truck was discovered ten days after they went missing, may have been murdered. [1]


Slash marks on their tires also appeared to have been made deliberately, police said.[11]


When police searched the home where Powell's mother Mistie Carlson lives with her boyfriend Lee Shepherd, her mother, Linda Powell, and her mother's boyfriend William 'Clubby' Larson after being alerted to them by a neighbor. The items they seized included drug paraphernalia and letters addressed to Riley's mother. [1]​ 


Cadaver​ dogs were used but nothing was found during the search. [3]


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