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The heights of the mountain tops and meadows that accompany some of the freshest air anyone could breathe. Clear water streams aligned by massive trees that can make a skyscraper look like a little bitch. Nature is where singer songwriter "Kid Sid" wishes he was more connected with. Instead he was born smack dead in one of the toughest neighborhoods on the West side of Chicago.

So the phrase "Black Sheep" or "Outsider" was all too familiar to Kid Sid. Being labeled a "Weirdo" came with the territory and throughout the years Kid Sid learned to embrace it. On his latest EP release "Rule the World" the singer urges the listeners to own their lives and rule the world in which they live in. In other words just be who you are and raise a middle finger to those who are opposed.

Kid Sid's carefree persona is displayed throughout his music, which is a fusion of genres that he's admired throughout the years. So it wouldn't be fair to call him just another R&B singer... Now will it??! He takes pride in being brave and experimenting with different sounds that make his songs distinct, separating him from the annoying comparisons of some other guy. Wailing Key guitar, a hint of electronica, bass trunking percussion and smooth yet piercing vocals can easily describe Kid Sid's sound. When artists like Tears for Fears and Prince are your idols, how can you go wrong??

Quiet yet outspoken, humble but confident, simple while remaining complex and wholesome with hints of a tainted careless appeal… In a normal world these words would be a absolute contradiction but nevertheless they describe the artist Kid Sid quite perfectly. These are all moments that are expressed through the singer’s music and translates well into his live performances. The stage is where Kid Sid really thrives and has done so at Columbia College Chicago's "Manifest", The Elbo Room, Uncommon Ground, Vision Night Club, Reggies Rock Club and several other venues around the city of Chicago.

So lets back track, the description of Kid Sid could possibly paint him as someone with different personalities but I assure you he's not by any means a loony. He's more of a chameleon, with the ability to adapt or accommodate a very wide target audience which gives Kid Sid the freedom to transcend genres of music. So why should one just believe this Kid lives up to this hype??… Well the world is full of choices including this one; http://kidsidmusic.bandcamp.com/
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