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Brad Hooper has a voice all his own. When you hear it you KNOW he truly believes in the tale he is spinning. Hooper writes songs that are raw and intuitive. Songs fueled with years of hard mileage and truth. In 2009, Hooper took his talent 'off the farm and onto the stage’. Since that time he has seen a consistently growing fan base, expanded show schedule and gained the respect of his contemporary peers.
Hooper quietly takes the stage and then proceeds to give folks ‘both barrels,’ singing like it was the last thing he was going to do. The vocal quality of his voice has him pegged as a ‘blues player’ but his content spans so many genres that it is difficult to answer the question, ‘what kind of music does he play?’ I guess ‘good music’ would be the most accurate response.
When Hooper reaches out to you in song you will be touched by the moment. Ballads, blues, folk, country, Americana are all wrapped up into Hooper’s performances. His insightful well-crafted lyrics speak to many walks of life. Expect to see children dancing, occasional weeping and laughter during his shows.
To see why, you need only read his debut review in The Bollard: “Hooper’s paid a lot of dues and deserves every scrap of attention that comes his way. This guy’s the real deal. No flash, no gimmicks, just solid guitar playing and soulful vocals. There's a new troubadour in town and he will knock your damn socks off.” Chris Busby – The Bollard, July 2009
"It has been a lot of hard work to get on the performer list(s) for the best venues in the area. It may sound ‘small town’ to some folks but these venues are some of the best around,” says Hooper. “People from all over the country [world] vacation here and I get to play for them right here in my backyard. You don’t get to be a first-call performer without the talent and content to back it up,” finishes Hooper.
Past achievements include regular rotation of music on local radio, Bethel Chamber video, commercial radio work, cameo in Sunday River tourism video, 2012 Maine Blues Festival performer, Maine Songwriters Presents, regular at all area art festivals, Portland Maine Summer Concert series, multiple live radio performances and over 125 professional shows in 2012.
Hooper has plans to take this thing ‘as far as it will go.’ If the past few years is any indication you’ll be glad you were there for the ‘intimate shows’ as he makes his way to the national stages.
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