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"Boxwave are the kind of unique band that make Richmond's music scene so fascinating. An instrumental two-piece, Boxwave features Brad Ellsworth playing a percussion instrument known as a cajon--which, yes, is just Spanish for box. He's accompanied by John Mustachio on bass, and despite the band's minimalist lineup, they get quite a lot out of their bare-bones, rhythm oriented approach to funk. As you can see in this video, Ellsworth sits on top of the cajon, playing it mainly with jazz brushes, though sometimes at more dramatic moments he just pounds on the box with his hands. Next to him, Mustachio sits on his amp, wailing away at some solid distorted riffing that will please fans of bass players like Les Claypool, Mike Watt, and Flea. And I don't use the names of such notably talented bassists lightly, as Mustachio shows off his skill during some sectons of this song with some melodic two-hand tapping, playing his bass more like a piano and creating multiple melodies at the same time. Boxwave may not have vocals or any conventional lead instruments, but they keep their music interesting through engaging songwriting and obvious musical talent."

-Andrew Necci RVA Mag [+]
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