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There may be times that you may find that taking a chance is warranted especially when it comes to surviving in the streets or just trying to find a way to get by when you have no money. There’s an old saying in Proverbs that says “in a bet there is a fool and a thief.” There’s a thin line in defining which are you when the odds look unseeming in your favor. With a steady shake of the dice thrown against the rain beaten brick wall under the dark cloudy skies of Seattle, WA - Daris Burton AKA DYCE wages that he’ll exceed the odds of losing and will emerge a winner.
Born in Inglewood, CA, DYCE moved to Seattle with urging of his mother he explains. “While I was living in Inglewood - came a little problem. I was fighting all the time in school and at the time I was living right in the heart of Inglewood so there could have been repercussions for my actions down the line if I had continued down the path I was going in. I was right there on Crenshaw and I was fighting every day. It was getting to the point that I was getting kicked out of school often and mom’s was getting a lil’ sick of it, so she shot a phone call to my uncle who lived in Seattle and the next thing I know, I was in Seattle starting all over again.” He admits that his mom wanted nothing more than to give him a better way of life. Before the move to Seattle, DYCE which by way inherited his name from one of his homeboys out in Inglewood because he was always gambling and shooting dice, got his start in the way of rhyming back in 98’. “While I was still living in Inglewood, I was just writing poetry and rhyming with the homies around the hood and I used to hear these cats rhyming and if I wasn’t liking their rhyme or how they were sounding, I thought I could be better. I would pick up a pen and start rewriting their own raps and later went to pop’s to let him see and he was like ‘wow man I can’t believe it.’ I think I was about 9 at the time and after that it just kinda escalated. I just went from there. I went from poetry to writing, to mastering and recording and doing shows.”
Seattle has is a mecca for music artist that have come out of the city and influenced a generation if not the world. From Jimi Hendrix, to Nirvana and etc., but as far as Hip-Hop – the city hasn’t been on the map since the late 80’s and early 90’s when Sir Mix-A-Lot had people saying my “Posse On Broadway.” “People outside Seattle don’t really know we have a sense of Hip-Hop. When people hear about Seattle, they hear about the rain, so I mean the outsider’s perspective of Seattle is nothing like the person’s perspective that actually lives here and I’m coming from L.A. saying that. In some ways Seattle is like Cali – I would say because Cali has a wide range of music. You can go to the top of Cali to the end of Cali and hear every kind of genre of music that there is and that’s how I feel with Seattle. As soon as you step in Seattle you’ll hear rock, reggae, rap and more. You’ll hear everything that you can possible think of and I don’t think a lot of people know that.”
After dropping mixtapes like “Welcome to the Highlands” (2003) and Karma (2007), and opening up for Dipset, he caught the eye of Diplomat Records A&R Executive DukeDaGod. DukeDaGod quote!!!!
DYCE recounts his experience on how he was able to link with the famed Harlem, NY label. I hooked up with them starting with my homie Alex that was promoting a show for Kurupt actually. He hooked me up with that show and after that he came at me again and said that he got another show with Dipset, DukadaGod and Hell Rell’ and asked if I wanted to do it and I said hell yeah man! So we hooked up to do the show and it was a pretty cracking show. I opened up for those guys and they came out and did their thing. We hung out and kicked it and did a lil’ bit afterwards. I got a call from my boy Alex again and he said ‘aye man Duke, is interested in working with you, what you think about that?’ I was like man what do you mean… that’s Dipset right there – hell yeah I’m down for that. So after that, there was a couple of phone calls, I rearranged a couple of things and man they were back out here and we was in the studio working on some hot music.”
Today as the newest signee to Diplomat Records, DYCE to prepping to release new mixtapes followed by a full length album in the near future. Living by the motto that “winners never quit and quitters never win” for all the years that he had to press on despite setbacks, he still doesn’t feel accomplished after getting his first label deal. “Getting my first deal is dope and for some people it’s enough, but there’s more to this than just the deal. I haven’t done anything yet, but it’s my goal to do so. I feel like I’m working in the right steps. I feel like I’m working to be what I want to be – there’s a big picture. The picture is for me is to be able to I look back at my pops and I know the love he has for the Hip-Hop and the people that I grew up with that used to rap and just stopped. This is to show them that I believed and they gave me motivation to keep going because the odds of making in this game is narrow and I understand that – this is for those that had a dream and wanted to see it through but couldn’t.” [+]
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