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BOID is an EOS​ decentralized application (dApp)which airdropped August 15th at a 5:1 ratio to all EOS accounts with less than 100,000 EOS at the genesis block snapshot. No action is required for these users to receive BOIDs. Accounts holding greater than 100k EOS can be whitelisted by entering their information in a form at boid.com. At the heart of Boid is the desire to make the benefits of blockchain​ technology accessible to all people. Boid acts as a gateway, lowering the barrier to entry for non-technical users to directly participate in blockchains and distributed computing projects. Boid is a website and software platform that provides a social gateway for individuals to contribute their computing power towards big ideas and get rewarded for it. The Boid platform makes it easy for users to participate in Distributed computing ​ projects. Boid also incorporates the latest blockchain ​ protocols, providing monetary incentives for the sharing of spare computing resources. [2]

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