Bodyamr is a London-based fashion label created in 2005 by Omani designer Amr Ali.

Amr Ali

Bodyamr takes its name from founder and designer of the fashion house Amr Ali, a British-born designer of Omani descent. Ali's father is from Oman and his mother from Bahrain. His father was an ambassador for the Omani government and posted in New York City, Vienna, Gstaad, Muscat, and London over Ali's childhood. The family moved back to Oman when Ali was 14. He began designing while working as an interior designer for Nicholas Haslam. Haslam pushed Ali to start his own fashion label. The name "Bodyamr" was first suggested by singer Annie Lennox and the brand was launched in 2002 when Ali was 22, notwithstanding Ali having no official training as a fashion designer. According to Harper's Bazaar at the time his showroom and design studio acted "as a meeting place for musicians, artists, and his muses who provide[d] inspiration as he work[ed] on his new fashion label". Ali is additionally a collector of art and vintage fashion pieces. His art collection includes pieces by Guy Bourdin , Allen Jones , Salvador Dali , Damien Hirst, Banksy, Helmut Newton, and Tracey Emin.

Design house

The first collection of Bodyamr featured jewel studded eveningdresses and were worn by several key figures in the music industry including Madonna, Whitney Houston, and a host of supermodels who set out to define the brands signature look. In 2005 Bodyamr launched its first pret-a-porter collection at London Fashion Week. One of the main themes of his work has been the injection of Arabian cultural influences into his designs, and specifically Omani oriental references. Bodyamr additionally worked with additional design houses for its collections, including Christian Louboutin who designed the shoes for the Bodyamr collections.

Florence Welch of the band Florence and the Machine has been dressed by Bodyamr throughout a large number of of her performances. Soon after the release of his collection, Ali became known as the first internationally successful British Arab fashion designer. In 2007 his third collection was inspired by the Iranian painter Mahmoud Farshchian, who provided Bodyamr with permission to reproduce his work The Fifth Day of Creation within his collection. Despite these high-profile collaborations, Bodyamr was still called "one of the best kept secrets of fashion insiders" by Vogue Magazine in 2008 when they released a nine-piece limited edition capsule collection through Harrods' Designer Studio.

In 2010 Bodyamr launched its new diffusion range BodyAmr Studio, a ready-to-wear line, specifically inspired by the 1970s New York City disco scene. The name of the line was inspired by the culture and fashion of the New York nightclub Studio 54, and was described by fashion publications as a new direction in lounge-wear. That year Bodyamr was featured by British Vogue due to the number of celebrities choosing to wear his designs to high-profile events. An example of these celebrities was Kylie Minogue, whom Bodyamr dressed for Stylist in celebration of her 25th anniversary in the music industry.

In 2011 Bodyamr teamed with Rolls Royce to produce a series of artistic advertisements celebrating the car company's hundredth anniversary with images shot by Rankin.