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The History of Boast™ In 1973 the Americans were on the brink of greatness. It was the era of rebels who dominated the tennis circuit. They played the gentleman's game their way and made it to the top. Enter Bill St. John, the cunning head pro at the field club in Greenwich. That year he created an American tennis company, one as irreverent as his idols. Soon Boast was a hallmark of top golf, squash, and tennis players at the top clubs. Bill was a man of his times. The age belonged to tennis icons who dabbled in painting, and painters who dabbled in squash. It belonged to movie stars who ran away to live in communes and musicians who made their reputations playing the Mudd Club. As preppy went mainstream, so did Boast. The distinct Maple Leaf logo could be spotted on the summertime crew at Cape Cod and on undergrads across the nation. Boast comes from the world of prep, but it has brought its own unique spin to the game. It is for the irreverent gentleman, the guy who knows how to break the rules and get away with it. Bill founded Boast in an age when you'd grab a beer after a match, not a dumbbell. He believed in athletic excellence but also in the broader view—you're good enough at the sport to call it just a game. [+]
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