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Blocgenic.io is a tech company dedicated to being a block producer on the EOS Blockchain​. [1][2][3]



Blockgenic was created in early 2018 by a group of experts with a background that combines experience in tech, Wall Street, and the entertainment industry. [4]​ The founders include the following members. Karthik Jaganathan, a principle engineer at Microsoft​ where he focuses in evaluating and protecting all of Microsoft IP related to security, is the engineer and CTO. Celambarasan Ramasamy and Bruce Tartaglia​ have both worked in the animation department of the entertainment industry as part of expert teams in films that have grossed over billions of dollars along with Academy Award Nominations, and together have advanced ideas in the Blockchin and Cryptocurrency sphere. [5]


Features and Guidelines

Blockgenic block producer will have an infrastructure partnership with 

Microsoft​.  [✔]


The multi-cloud solution can easily be scaled to more than quadruple within minutes around the world based on scaling needs. [6]


Staking of tokens will be for RAM​, storage, voting, and bandwidth.  [✔]


There will be 21 Block Producers and 100 Standby Block Producers.  [✔]


Current Specifications

Currently using 8-16 Core, 16 GB+ RAM, 128GB+ SSD for Private Testnet and Community Testnet nodes. [7]

Expected 32 -64 Core, 256GB + RAM, 512 TB SSD for Launch nodes with additional 10TB for Storage nodes. [8]


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