Blind might refer to:

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Electronics, engineering, and science

  • Blinding (cryptography)
  • Blind, a digital signal processing term that indicates ignorance of certain parameters central to a process; e.g., blind deconvolution.
  • A blind experiment (single-blind or double-blind), a procedure to reduce bias in scientific experiments
  • Blind hole, a mechanical engineering term for a hole that doesn't come out at the additional side
  • Blind via, an electrical term used in printed circuit boards

Games and sports

  • Blind (poker), a blind bet used for betting in a few forms of poker
  • Hunting blind, used to conceal the observer when watching or hunting birds or additional animals
  • Bird blind, additionally called a "bird hide", used to conceal the observer when watching or photographing birds or additional animals


  • Daley Blind, Dutch footballer, who's playing left back for Manchester United
  • Danny Blind, Dutch footballtrainer and ex-player, father of Daley

Media and entertainment


Film and television